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Local cafe serving up hearty, everyday Japanese food. Enjoy our special blend gyū over rice or noodles, Japanese curries and cold soba dishes. We are halal-friendly, so everyone can have a taste of Gyūnion. #gyuloveit

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Cheese doesn't work cos it's too strong, it completely overwhelms the sweet and mild beef. Onsen egg was perfect but also overwhelmed by the torched cheddar

The rice ratio is terrible, there's way too much rice for the amount of beef(it's not particularly generous)

Comes w green tea and ajitsuke tamago( which was great)

Their beef seasoning was right but it's still a little bit tough. Not chewy tho, which is basically one of the best alr in Singapore (no idea why it's so damn hard to find a good one)

The noodles were great though, proper ramen noodles with a solid bite. The spicy broth is really just chili flakes and was quite thin but it was spicy(we got medium). The 3 components surprisingly work quite well, the sweetness of the beef tampers the spiciness of the broth

However, despite the decent food, I can't recommend this place during lunch. He moves very slowly even though the beef is already cooked in a large pot, it takes 5mins per order which means if you see 4 ppl in front that's gg to be a 20min wait or sth, quite ridiculous

Gyunion, my go-to place to eat for lunch at work. It is a small shop located at Oxley Tower and if you’re alone or a couple, there’s definitely seat for you and you can enjoy the relaxing ambience. It is halal though no halal certification. The owner is very friendly, nice and keeps the place hygienic. Now about the food - if you’re into simple, Japanese food, then you’ll love this because though it is simple, it is still flavourful that it makes you satisfied. I always prefer their gyu-don items over the rest and when you mix with their onsen egg, *chef’s kiss*. Their broth noodles however are a little too ‘light’ for my liking. And overall the price is decent. But if you’re someone who eats a lot, then you might want to look elsewhere.

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23 May’23, Tue🌤
📍Gyūnion (Oxley Tower)
- Chicken Don🍛

Hidden gem indeed…😋

Unassuming chicken don but it tasted better than how it looks, Japanese style chicken don yum~

Humble shop with 7 seats, and one person manning the shop, can take a while during peak hours…

Damage: $7.90 (Lunch set available that comes with tamago and drink with a top-up of $2-$3)

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This was when they were still at Sunshine Plaza.

I love the simplicity of all of their dishes. Even the restaurant itself is small and quaint.

Their beef gyumen is a really comforting bowl of noodles. Everything in it compliments each other. By far, my fav place to head to for some Japanese noodles.

For a no-frills hangout, here's another hidden gem in Sunshine Plaza. Hungry folks who work in the area should escape here for the Gyu Don ($7.90) sporting savoury beef slices and sweet caramelised onions. Opt for the runny Onsen Egg ($1) that helps create a wonderfully moist texture when mixed in with rice. If you feel like indulding, go for the Gyu Don with Cheese ($9.90) — the same flavourful beefy bowl with the smoky, salty kick of melted cheese.
Photo by Burppler MsJaniceEats 💕