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From the Burpple community

The Hua Long chain. For a signature dish, this was terrible. It was very bland. I know they can do better because I've tried this before.

The Hua Long chain. This was one of my most forgettable curry porks. Neither the pork nor the curry was passable. This chain is quite inconsistent.

The Hua Long chain. This is usually a top dish and we did enjoy it, but we suspected it's not the usual French beans.

The Hua Long chain. This was fantastic. Credit for using large rings.

The Hua Long chain. Sorry the ring has been destroyed haha. This was very enjoyable, although to be fair yam ring is usually good.

The Hua Long chain. This is a signature dish. Beneath the prawns are honeydew balls and lychees. It's actually quite normal.