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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Flee Away Café - Café.Meets.Shop Flee Away with Us! Café ~ Relax with a cuppa and enjoy local traditions bites with a twist! Shop ~ Pick a gift for yourself or your loved ones at our mini Flee mart! Meets ~ Have a small "flee"lance business? Leave your mails with us and plan your client meetings here! Or you can rent a Box Display with us to display your Designs and Merchandises at our café!

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From the Burpple community

Somehow the savory filling actually worked pretty well with the sweet cake.


Interesting creation and was no doubt pretty tasty. However as the char kuey is fried, it gets quite "jelat" after a while. We tried the dry laksa too but preferred this as that was also abit too oily.


Interesting concept but too rich and filling if you drink this alongside the le char kuay


It's basically a homemade you tiao baguette, with curry chicken fillings! 😱 really yummy, couldn't stop saying that

Despite being paraded outside its comfort zone of a bowl for people to gawk at in all its nude glory, the laksa remained winningly slurpsome and wet. However, I'm not sure what the dough fritter, crispy outside and soft inside as promised on the menu, truly adds to the equation other than being an outfit from an indie, hipster label for the laksa to wrap around its exposed form. 3.75/5

The former is unique enough but the latter is all Miley Cyrus levels of outlandish scandal, having the cheek to include actual sambal chilli (it was audaciously spicy for a sweet cupcake filling)! Mind blown. 3.75/5 for the Onde-onde cupcake, and 4.25/5 for the Nasi Lemak cupcake.