Besides the exceptionally excellent laksa burger, @mcdsg Laksa Delight Feast also features two more limited time items: the Pulut Hitam Pie, and a Teh C Frappé. Kind of bummed that they didn’t have any special fries this year, but sweet treats are always a plus.⠀

Pulut Hitam is a classic Asian dessert, a sweet black glutinous rice porridge sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk. Just like with the laksa burger, the Pulut Hitam Pie surprised me. McDonald’s has managed to wrap their signature flaky pie dough around a decent enough rendition of pulut hitam. The rice grains were still intact and had a nice soft bite to them, and the filling was flavoured with sufficient sweetness and creaminess from the coconut milk. While this is a decent pie, the banana or pineapple pies are clear of this one.⠀

The Teh C Frappé, on the other hand, was a bit of a disaster. Lots of tea flavour, but good god it was SWEET. I’m pretty sure this drink gave me both kinds of diabetes, and I only managed to drink half of it before my palate & insulin levels refused to cooperate.⠀

This National Day, come for McDonald’s laksa burger, and stay for the burger.

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