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From the Burpple community

Hojicha (Hot Fudge) ($2.30)

hmmm i felt that it's not strong roasted tea bc of too much milk contained and also covered up by strong hot fudge chocolate tbh. It's quite normal pricing compared to those tea shops if you want to try it or crave for dessert.

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With the McPepper, Pulut Hitam Pie and HERSHEY’S Cone making its way out of the limited time-only menu at McDonald’s, McDonald’s had also announced the return of the Samurai Burger and the Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, and the introduction of the new Houjicha soft-serve; a soft-serve flavour which McDonald’s is releasing for the very first time. As with most soft-serve releases, the Houjicha soft-serve is available only at outlets with a dessert kiosk, and that the Houjicha soft-serve is being served up as a Houjicha Cone, Houjicha Twist (i.e. mix of the Houjicha soft-serve and Vanilla soft-serve in a cone), Houjicha Sundae and Houjicha McFlurry form.

Being quite a sucker for new soft-serve flavours launched by McDonald’s, we found ourselves joining the beeline at their NEX outlet this time since we were in the vicinity for dinner; most in the queue being folks whom are also ordering the Houjicha soft-serve. On first look, the Houjicha soft-serve comes in that greyish-brown hue that most would associate with the Japanese roasted tea; the colour here being seemingly on the lighter side against that of the same which are typically being served in matcha speciality stores of the likes of Tsujiri, Hvala and Matchaya. That being said, the Houjicha soft-serve comes rather impactful on the very first go at the soft-serve; the notes of the roasted tea hits the tastebuds pretty much head-on right from the start — immensely rich, though not a flavour that is quite complex especially where the earthiness and roasty-ness is of concern. As with almost all McDonald’s soft-serve flavours, the notes of the roasted tea gradually becomes less evident as one goes through the entire portion; the milkiness / creaminess seemingly taking over slowly though we did note that there wasn’t this artificial note that lingers in the end that seems to exists in their Vanilla soft-serve.

Overall, the Houjicha soft-serve still is still one flavour which we really enjoyed — probably one of those flavours which we would not mind having again if it makes its return again as a limited time-only run; no doubt this would never replace our favourite Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone which itself is quite a bold attempt by the Golden Arches, but the Houjicha soft-serve is definitely one of the top few flavours for us especially when compared against the Ovaltine and HERSHEY’S related offerings of the late.

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Besides the exceptionally excellent laksa burger, @mcdsg Laksa Delight Feast also features two more limited time items: the Pulut Hitam Pie, and a Teh C Frappé. Kind of bummed that they didn’t have any special fries this year, but sweet treats are always a plus.⠀

Pulut Hitam is a classic Asian dessert, a sweet black glutinous rice porridge sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk. Just like with the laksa burger, the Pulut Hitam Pie surprised me. McDonald’s has managed to wrap their signature flaky pie dough around a decent enough rendition of pulut hitam. The rice grains were still intact and had a nice soft bite to them, and the filling was flavoured with sufficient sweetness and creaminess from the coconut milk. While this is a decent pie, the banana or pineapple pies are clear of this one.⠀

The Teh C Frappé, on the other hand, was a bit of a disaster. Lots of tea flavour, but good god it was SWEET. I’m pretty sure this drink gave me both kinds of diabetes, and I only managed to drink half of it before my palate & insulin levels refused to cooperate.⠀

This National Day, come for McDonald’s laksa burger, and stay for the burger.

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@mcdsg has dropped their new Singaporean burger just in time for National Day, and this year it’s a Laksa Delight Prawn Burger ($11 for the full set). McDonald’s set a pretty high benchmark with last year’s Hainanese Chicken Burger, and the Laksa Delight is a worthy successor.⠀

The prawn patty is the same one used in the Hokkaido Shrimp Burger a while back, and the texture is acceptably firm. A fried egg is the prawn patty’s plus one to bulk up the burger, and in typical McDonald’s style, it’s fried until all the yolk goes solid which isn’t the best. However, what is the best is the laksa sauce spread on the top bun. ⠀

The laksa sauce is remarkably authentic, loaded full of spices and flavours everyone expects from laksa: spicy, umami from the dried shrimp & shrimp paste that goes into the spice mix, the pungency of turmeric, the fragrance of galangal, and the richness of the coconut milk. McDonald’s laksa sauce is one of the richer renditions out there, easily able to put many actual laksas out there to shame. The only disappointment with this burger is that there isn’t nearly enough luscious laksa sauce to satisfy me.⠀

It’s quite impressive for a global burger chain to capture the essence of a beloved local dish like laksa and apply it splendidly to a burger. While their mascot may be a clown, @mcdsg does know a thing or two about good food.

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Tried this without any expectations and they were deliciously exceeded! This is literally like having rock melon on a cone! The taste is legit, while also being refreshing and creamy! This is something I wouldn’t mind getting again!

it does have a slight artificial melon taste, like eating a melon candy🍈🍈