[London] Time for a throwback! In all the time leading up to my first bite of Dominque Ansel’s trademarked Cronuts (£5), I have to admit - I was quite sceptical. I’ve had several other renditions of croissant-donuts - which had mostly been decent. So, I thought it was as going to be at most good as the ones I’ve tried.

Someone should have slapped me for thinking that because this was actually NEXT LEVEL. To everybody that I’ve shared about this with, I maintain the same opinion – this is the real deal. I don’t remember how it exactly tasted, but I do remember this actually igniting the flame of happiness in me. 🔥

The layers had a markedly delicate texture to them, rivaling that of sponge cakes. The raspberry filling added a balanced tartness that soaked the layers and made this an absolute pleasure to have. 🙏🏼 My only regret is that I didn’t get enough of it! 😭 But next time, we’re getting at least a dozen! (8.3/10) 😍🤣