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From the Burpple community

[Vegan, London] Temple of Seitan was another place that I’d been meaning to try ever since I knew I was going to England. I’d seen this one being reviewed by Sorted Food on their “Can We Go Vegan” video awhile back. I could have easily gone to the one at Camden, but I wanted to avoid touristy areas. Also, with many food places that have propagated, I always have immense faith in its original outlet. In which case, I went to the one in Hackney.

Anyway, I’m so glad to have tried this even though it looks messy! Their Temple Spicy Chick’n Burger comprises of a fillet that is made out of seitan (wheat gluten), chipotle mayo, coleslaw, sliced cheese, jalapeños and sriracha — all of which are vegan-friendly. Every bite is satisfying - the same with squeezing a stress ball, if you will. Its texture and taste closely resemble those of McChicken’s, albeit in an upgraded form. And what makes it so much more enjoyable is the flicker of heat supplied by the sriracha and jalapeños.

If there’s any shortcoming about this, it would be how the sauce leaks through the packaging. It might be a one-off thing though, I’m not sure. Despite that, I would 100% come back here if I have the time and money! (8/10)