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From the Burpple community

I’m sure those who have been to London would’ve heard about Crosstown Doughnuts. They’re vegan-friendly, but have an assortment that will leave you at a loss for words before leaving you spoiled for choice. I had their seasonal item, the Maple Custard Doughnut and let me tell you guys…this was pretty damn amazing.

Their maple-flavoured custard filling was generous, their doughnut was a hunk, and they got more maple crumble to finish off with the icing. And the best part was that it was 100% vegan. This was magic. It was spellbinding. It’s a shame that I was pretentiously convincing myself that I was on a diet. Otherwise, I would have gotten at least 137 more pieces of this. 😂 Don’t leave London without trying something from here, I swear. (8.4/10)