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From the Burpple community

[Vegetarian, London] Smooth like velvet, super flavourful and gorgeously creamy - these were the elements of the Tagliatelle which gave it its marked quality. I’ve honestly never had a better cream-based pasta than this. 😍 Based on this dish alone, Flour & Grape was really worth the wealth of hype it has. (8.6/10)

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Flour and Grape has proven to be my favourite pasta joint in London. This is my second visit and the pasta is as good as ever. It is an added bonus that this generous plate with ingredients spilling from the plate only cost 9 pounds. The entire dish is extremely flavourful and the taste lingers long after you finish. It makes me want to go there and try every single pasta on their menu! The pasta was al dente and the staff were friendly. It's an awesome place to dine!

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