The last time I dined at, the only Swiss roll available was the critically acclaimed houjicha roll. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to see the brand new Noir roll emerge as a counterpart to the houjicha roll. After all, more options mean more winning for us café hoppers.⠀

I was definitely winning with the Noir, as this monochromic dessert was a delight. Despite having spent time in the display chiller, the charcoal sponge was still fluffy & sprightly. The sponge cake layer was dense enough to sate any cake cravings, but sat lightly in the stomach. At the center is where the real treasure lay: an abundance of black sesame cream.⠀

The cream was smooth and luscious, but most importantly, it was utterly inundated with the aromas & flavours of black sesame. The bold, rich nutty & roasty aromas and flavours are turned up to eleven here, and the typical bitterness of black sesame is ameliorated by the subtle sweetness of the dessert. The pungency of the black sesame is so intense that it has managed to impregnate the charcoal sponge with its amazing aromas too. The sweetness is rather mild, and is a dessert that goes easy on the sugar but goes hard on the sesame.⠀

While it is extremely expensive at $9.90++ a slice, each slice of Noir is pretty chonky and can even be shared between two or three. Pricey, but the quality makes sure that you’re firmly in the black.