865 Mountbatten Road
#B1-93 Katong Shopping Centre
Singapore 437844

10:30am - 07:00pm

10:30am - 07:00pm

10:30am - 07:00pm

10:30am - 07:00pm

10:30am - 07:00pm

10:30am - 07:00pm




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What you should order at Dona Manis Cake Shop

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Reviews at Dona Manis Cake Shop

Reviews of good food at Dona Manis Cake Shop

This is one item you must try at least once if you have the chance to visit this shop. For only $2.50 per piece, advance booking required for a whole cake.

The second on my must-buy list here after the uhmayzing banana pie.

I like to eat chocolate in room temp so I prefer thawing these buttery and crumbly cups for that melty chocolate ganache consistency. Some Burpplers recommend eating it out of the freezer or fridge if you prefer an ice cream or mousse-like treat! Will try that next time.

Many a times I find myself attracted to the smell of freshly baked pies and pastries whenever I am inside Katong Shopping Centre. Located at Basement 1, the folks of Dona Manis sells a variety of cakes and sweets and my favourites are their Banana Pies (S$2.50 per slice) and Rum Balls.

Indeed, the best time to buy them are when they are fresh from the oven and sliced to 10 portions, because that’s when the crust are still crisp and crunchy, and the bananas are yet to become soggy. Did I mention that their pies are packed with fillings, to make sure the money you spend is only for quality stuff?

What’s missing? Throw in a scoop of vanilla ice cream (self-provide) for that superb dessert!

Chocolate Tart (5 for $4) - Rich and creamy chocolate filling, not too sweet. The Chocolate Tart simply melts in my mouth. The best Chocolate Tart I ever tasted!

Loved it. $2.50 per slice. Business is brisk. Almost everyone that was there ordered this. I travelled all the way to the east for this too. πŸ˜† cant believe it.

Dona Manis has been on my check list for the longest time and I finally got a taste of their signature Banana Pie thanks to Zhihui! Don’t know how anyone would be able to reject the generous filling of chunky moist bananas paired with a buttery crust, satisfying for the sweet tooth yet not too cloyingly sweet. The added variation of textures from the chopped almonds and layer of coconut made it even better. Best had warm! Also, at $25 for a whole pie, it would make a great birthday cake or party dessert that people would thank you for!

But as we took a bite onto it, we realize why that it stood out from the rest. The tarts are crumbly, extra care needed when picking them up. The chocolate was not over-the-top sweet but bittersweet. It was also smooth and thick, similar to mousse texture. We will definitely be back to get more!
A box of 5 for $4.50
πŸ“ Donna Manis
865 Mounbatten Road
Katong Shopping Centre

Hailed by many (at least those in the neighborhood) as having one of the best chocolate tarts in Singapore, Dona Manis’ humble Chocolate Tart was rich and addictive (Box of 5 going for $4.50).

To be enjoyed chilled, the bittersweet filling had a great consistency much like ice cream, but becomes mousse-like when thawed. Popping each tart, one right after another, you just can’t go wrong with smooth luscious chocolate. The pastry crust was also of a nice texture and not too buttery or crumbly. YAS~

Thanks Zhi Hui for getting them for me!

Both the apple pie and the famed banana pie ($2.50/piece) are both delightfully buttery, boasting a crumbly yet soft cake-like crust. Would've preferred for the apples to a be little more on the sour side but that's just me; the banana pie was extremely well received, with its fragrant aroma and creamy filling being plus points for those who tried!!

Always past by this stall that is forever sending wafts of buttery fragrance in Katong Shopping Centre whenever they are baking pie crusts for these babies. Possibly the most unglamorous photo of this simple yet satisfying banana pie you will ever find (blame my gluttony for how it is just sitting on the plastic bag it was contained in) that is so undeserving because of how good it is. The banana pie is pretty simple, but if you are one who likes mushy bananas you get all of 'em here β€” sweet, mushy bananas that are soft to bite in between the buttery crusts scattered with crunchy almond bits. Strangely, the crust is so soft and doesn't interfere with the sweetness of the bananas until it reaches the end where it's all crust. Simple pleasures ... all at a price of $2.50.

So instead of having the usual birthday πŸŽ‚, dad got me a whole banana pie this year 😍

Tried this before in slices previous and I'm in love with them. This time round I have the whole pie to myself πŸ˜† Just kidding... I'm sharing it coz it also means that I'm caring for the drooling peeps around πŸ˜‰

($2.50) the inside is generously packed with banana slices. All pastries are baked in-house by their team of elderly staff πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ‘΄πŸΌ you can be sure you're getting quality bakes here 😚

Rich and creamy dark chocolate filling is delish and not too sweet. I have forgotten to refrigerate the tart therefore it feels a little too crumbly and soft. Perhaps I should try refrigerate the tarts on my next try 》Box of 5 for $4.50

I thought this was going to be croissant topped with cream and chocolate but I'm wrong. The pastry has fragrant crispy layers in them πŸ™„ 》$2.50

Here's the perfect celebration pie for grandma, or anybody with an old soul. The Banana Pie ($25 a pie, $2.50 a slice) from this old-school bakery in Katong Shopping Centre is a signature you should not miss. Expect a buttery, crumbly crust encasing a moist filling that is generous on sliced fresh bananas (they use both 'ang ba cheo' and 'pang cheo' bananas). A layer of dessicated coconut and a sprinkling of crushed nuts add a nice crunch to it all. This comforting pie is just sweet enough and not at all cloying β€” it is no wonder this is a favourite among long-time regulars! They often sell out by mid-afternoon, sometimes earlier, so plan wisely! Pro tip: Pick up a box of their rich Chocolate Tarts (five for $4.50, another best seller) while you're there.
*Place your order one day in advance, but take note that the shop is closed on Sundays
Photo by Burppler Tammy Wee

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