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Takoyaki Pizza

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Mayo-takoyaki sauce base, tako, squid, bacon and topped with bonito flakes.

It’s a sweet pizza due to the mayo-takoyaki sauce and bonito flakes... It’s truly takoyaki. I liked that the crust wasn’t too thick so it was not surfeiting.

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Came with a group of friends for beer and pizza, their Takoyaki pizza is a must try! Also enjoyed the company of Ben, one of the friendly owners of the place.

Famous for their local-inspired fusion pizzas, DePizza is serving your favourite comfort food with a twist. DePizza will truly elevate your taste buds with the savouriness, spiciness and richness of their pizza selections rolled into one.

Their best selling pizzas are:
🍕Sashimi Pizza
🍕Takoyaki Pizza
🍕Mala Madness Pizza
🍕Hei Hu Hei Hu Pizza
🍕Sialah Pizza
🍕Mentai My Piggy Pizza

My personal favourites are the Sashimi Pizza, Mala Madness Pizza and Takoyaki Pizza. A perfect blend of sauce and toppings on a perfect thickness of crust making every bite a pleasurable mouthwatering experience!

Thank you @benteojr @depizzasg for the warm hospitality and @ourfoodchannelsg for the invite!
De Pizza
35A Boat Quay
Singapore 049824
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Though there is nothing new about incorporating Asian flavours into the humble Italian dish, DePizza’s range of fusion pizzas are pretty creative such as their Japanese-inspired Takoyaki Pizza ($26) and a unique take on a Singaporean favourite, Mala Madness ($24). The former being a hit at the table with its savoury mayo-takoyaki sauce base and generous spread of bonito flakes on their signature thin-crusted dough. The surprise chunks of octopus, squid and bacon hidden underneath the katsuobushi also blended well with thesweetness of the tonkatsu sauce. However, if you are all for the classics, the All About Them Proteins Pizza ($25) and Really Cheesy Pizza ($20) were well-received and delivered in flavour. And till the end of July, celebrate DePizza’s first anniversary with an extra #burpplebeyond deal. The 5th deal is 1-for-1 pizza AND drink, so get it while you can!


This is one of Depizza’s more funky fusion pizzas. Decked out with a ton of bonito flakes and sauce drizzled over it, it’s quite the sight. It has a mayo-takoyaki sauce base and has octopus, squid and bacon on it, although I mostly tasted the octopus. While an interesting concept, it felt like they could have been a bit more generous with the ingredients as well.

Thank you Depizza for the food and Burpple for the eatup! Depizza has an extra 5th deal on Burpple Beyond for pizza and a drink till the end of the month, so get it while you can.

💸 Feel free to use my code ELIZ093 for 20% off the all day Burpple Beyond annual plan for a 1 for 1 discount at this place!

DePizza offers up some ultra unconventional pizzas in their lineup, and the Takoyaki Pizza is just one of eight pizzas unique to DePizza. Of course, they’ve got the usual suspects of pepperoni, mushroom and 4 cheese as well, but why play it safe? This ain’t a Durex ad.

I’ll admit, the takoyaki pizza wasn’t the one that caught my eye, but it was certainly ended up being the most palate pleasuring pie on the dining table. If you’re old like me, then you may just remember a certain ‘Oishi Pizza’ from eons ago that also did pizzas, but Japanese.

The Takoyaki Pizza certainly reminded me of that flavor wise. The mayo-takoyaki sauce combo slathered on the base was unbelievably umami with the right notes of salty, rich and slightly sweet. The octopus and squid were bang on brilliant as well, and the bonito flakes-well, you can’t really go wrong with those savory sensations.

DePizza is currently celebrating their first anniversary in the month of July with an extra #burpplebeyond deal. Just for the month of July, you can get 1-for-1 pizza AND drink with Burpple Beyond, so do roll up on ‘em with the bois before it’s all over.

This was a hosted Eatup, thanks to the generosity of Burpple and DePizza!


⚠️@depizzasg is having a special 5th @burpple beyond deal this month -1 for 1 pizza + drink (includes 🍺)🍕⚠️ their specialities are definitely their fusion/local-inspired pizzas🤤 🌟my top three are 🥇MALA PIZZA, 🥈TAKOYAKI PIZZA, and 🥉it’s a draw between NASI LEMAK AND SASHIMI🌟 ❤️the mala is super legit, there is that spicy and kick (I will say it’s 中辣 - medium 🌶) ❤️ special shout-out to their panna cotta dessert 🍮 💕 That milky sweet smoothness is just addictive, I want to slurp that whole shape in one gulp😂 grab that @burpplebeyondfans deal while it last! *swipe to see menu and range of craft beers 🍻)*
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Ordered the takoyaki pizza and all about them proteins pizza on beyond (came up to ~$30 for 2 pizzas)

Tako pizza was so good we devoured it even before taking a photo, but this was even better! Cheese was stringy and pizza was served piping hot. I usually prefer cream based pizzas as tomato bases tend to get jelak after awhile, but this was very well balanced.

The person serving us was also very apologetic as there was a bulk order and our pizza took quite awhile. Service was on point!

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If you like takoyaki you will like this pizza. The mayo takoyaki base was fabulous. Octopus and squid pcs were small but scattered generously around the pizza. Very chewy and fresh. So delicious that I didn’t notice the bacon, which I usually don’t touch. I liked the thin crust which was crispy on the edges but chewy and juicy in the middle.

Don’t bother with utensils. Just rip out a slice, roll it up and devour.

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We ordered 2 pizza for sharing by 3 person. My Friend prefer Takoyaki and I prefer Nasi Lemak pizza ($24+). The portion is just nice for us because we need to reserve some space for our dessert after this. Will be back again next time to try out other flavours.