Truffle Wagyu Don

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I did asked my friend about differences between Tanuki Raw and Rakki Bowl for Wagyu Australian Wagyu MB5 (Signature Truffle Wagyu Don) - $14.90. She didn't answered my answers lol. (probably I just want to know the differences in terms of taste and pricing) I knew the pricing differences between australian and japanese wagyu in terms of quality.

Truffle Wagyu Don: 7.0/10
Mentaiko Salmon Don: 7.5/10

Truffle Wagyu Don:
Pretty decent dish. However, there is a slight yet unpleasant burnt taste. Truffle wagyu tastes great nonetheless!

Mentaiko Salmon Don:
Pretty delicious salmon meat paired with the ikura. Simple yet delicious.

Chose this restaurant for dinner due to Burpple 1 for 1 but sadly only realized when I was there that the 1 for 1 was unavailable. The dons were decent but definitely tried better ones out there such as Omote and Tanuki raw. The ambience of the restaurant was pretty relaxing and chill, service was good too!

Back at Rakki after more than half a year, and the quality remains as good. The bara-chirashi ($22.90 for regular 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond ) has a generous amount of chunky and fresh salmon and swordfish pieces. You can definitely taste the truffle oil in the truffle wagyu don ($27.90 for large 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the beef slices are so tender and flavourful. Gonna be back for more!

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Both are extremely nice! Say YES to 1 for 1 treatπŸ˜‹

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Service is good, portion quite small unless you order the bigger size bowl. We had the Salmon Mentaiko Don and Truffle Wagyu Don with onsen egg. Can't really taste the truffle though the smell was there. But it still taste pretty good and Wagyu Beef mixed well with the sauce. My partner enjoyed the Salmon Mentaiko bowl as well.
Note that the rice portion is smaller than other places too.
Worth it only if there's 1 For 1 Burpple Beyond!

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Regular truffle wagyu don was very truffly and there was a lot of beef ! waiters were kind and friendly :-) Finished it Easily!

- Dings review

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Returned to rakki bowl for a scrumptious meal and wasn't disappointed. The meat to rice ratio is astonishingly high! πŸ₯° It always satisfies me, especially with the 1 for 1 on Burpple beyond! . {Rating: 9/10}

Wagyu was tasty with hardly any fats, but could not taste any truffle though. Unagi was good as you can't feel the bones as well.


Good portion of wagyu don drizzled with truffle oil. The meat to rice portion was great. I was worried that there would be a lot of rice and little meat. On top of being a good meal, it’s even available on Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!
Truffle Wagyu Don (R) $13.90++