Steamed Crispy Rice Roll

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This was featured as the chef's recommendation & I can see why! Unlike its siblings, this version of CCF 猪肠粉 has an additional layer of a crispy shell which gives you an added texture to the usual silky rolls.

The shrimp is first wrapped in a thin crispy layer, deep fried, then rolled into the silky rolls. The best part, although it's been steamed, the crispy layer remains crisp throughout even after being doused in the soy sauce.

This is my next go-to when I visit again! It's so so good.


Queued for about an hour before we finally got a table! I can finally see what the hype is about! They serve pretty unique items like the pan fried mushroom bun, baked salted egg custard bun and steamed crispy rice roll with shrimp! The bill racked up to a whooping $63 even after using two burpple deals so it’s not v wallet friendly😿 However it rly serves quality food and I can tell that a lot of thought has been put into creating these dishes!

This place has become one of the top dim sum places on my list and I’ll be smarter in the future and make a reservation beforehand or opt for takeouts or deliveries hehe

Taste: 8/10
Presentation: 7.5/10
Ambience: 7/10 (pretty small place, they should expand!!)

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My favourites were the Pan Fried Mushroom Bun ($5.30), Japanese Dumplings ($5.30), Steamed Crispy Rice Roll w Shrimp ($5) and Watercress Honey Ice Jelly ($4.80).

🍄 Loved the generous amount of well-marinated fillings within the mushroom bun and the bun is so soft it’s almost like baby’s butt 🤣 while the Japanese dumplings 🥟 won me over w the right proportion of vinegar in the sauce 🤤🤤 The steamed crispy rice roll (ccf) offers an interesting twist w fried shrimps within the rice roll itself while the honey ice jelly 🍯 did a wonderful job as a refreshing ending to the meal!

💛💚 Thanks to @jonnyboyeats for the invitation and @dimsumhaussg for hosting 👾

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Heard many good reviews and decided to come and try it, would pick this over Swee Choon anytime for its quality 👍🏻 My Cantonese Dimsum tastebud definitely giving this place a thumbs up!

1. Charcoal Chicken & Shrimp Siew Mai 😋
Siewmai was stuffed with a good ratio of Chicken and Shrimp fillings and the roe above it added a nice texture and crunch. Must order!
2. Steamed Pork Ribs w Yam
A good portion of pork ribs and was quite well seasoned, the pork ribs were soft but could be more flavourful.
3. Chicken Feet w Black Bean Sauce
Chicken feet here was well seasoned w the black bean sauce and was soft.
4. Xiao Long Bao
Nth really stands out for this dish, the skin was on the thicker side and there weren’t much soup in it, can give it a miss the next time. :)
5. Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun 😋
This dish is another must order. Exterior was crispy and the interior was oozing w smooth & rich salted egg yolk lava. Note this bun is on the sweeter side. Eat it while it’s warm!
6. Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee
Average dish, the congee is on the thicker consistency and wasn’t hot enough when served. Can give it a miss and order other staple food :)
7. Steamed Crispy Rice Roll w Shrimp 😋
This is another must order! Wrapped in a crispy inner skin & covered in a smooth layer of rice roll this dish is filed with fresh prawns. Pretty flavourful and savoury!

Spent $39 on 7 dishes for 2 person, menu was rather extensive and portion was good! Would come again 😊

*If you are using burrple beyond, note that 2 pax is only entitled to one redemption*

Really excited to try Dim Sum Haus as I have heard many good reviews of it:) The dim sum did not disappoint! The har gau and charcoal siew mai are stuffed with big morsels of shrimp, the skin is thin and there is a good crunch to the dumplings. The pan-fried carrot cake, fried fresh beancurd skin and steamed crispy rice roll (chee cheong fun) with shrimp faired very well too - the taste and texture are on point. My favourite is steamed pork ribs with yam - the pork ribs and yam are very soft and savoury. The baked salted egg custard bun is highly raved - the exterior is crusty and a lava of sweet salted egg custard bursts out when you bite into it. It’s a little too rich for me at the end of a full meal, but this is probably a hit for fans of 流沙包. Our meal amounted to $52 for 3 pax, which is pretty reasonable even though the Burpple Beyond one-for-one discount for one dish is not much:) Do make a reservation if you are going because they are usually packed!

If you are looking for affordable and good dim sum, this is the place to go! Must try: Salted Egg York Custard Bun! It’s very crispy on the outside and fillings flows out upon first bite. Steamed Crispy Rice Roll with Scallop was pretty good too! Really smooth and there’s scallop in every individual piece. Dessert - Honey Jelly was served at the end which surprises us!

Overall, a satisfying brunch! Our bill came up to be slightly less than $100 for 7 pax people including drinks. It’s even more worth it with Entertainer/ Burpple Beyond 1-1 deals.

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Really good dim sums here. The steamed crispy rice roll and japanese dumplings are the must-try!


This dim sum spot near Jalan Besar MRT makes an ideal option for lunchtime gatherings. The interior is stripped down with white walls and green plastic chairs, but you’re really here for their stellar Cantonese treats. We like the made-to-order Steamed Crispy Rice Roll and Shrimp ($4.70) that sees crispy prawn fritters wrapped in silky chee cheong fun. Another must-try is their Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun ($5 for three pieces) with creamy filling that oozes with each bite. P.s. Get #BurppleBeyond to enjoy 1-for-1 deals — more dim sum for everyone!
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To be fair, I had high expectations for this having read very positive reviews. Also, I love the combination of youtiao in rice rolls, something that I enjoyed much more in Hong Kong but for some reason, less common here.
While the fresh prawns made a welcome appearance again here, the rice rolls were too soft and thick, which made the balance of the dish a little off. Sauce was also a little too sweet for me!


Steamed Crispy Rice Roll with Shrimp - Fresh huge prawns, not tiny shrimps, are fried, and wrapped in layers of thin and smooth rice rolls.

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