Chicken Burger

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the burger featured a tender, thick and juicy chicken leg that was really delicious. the smokiness and the tenderness of the chicken really stands out here; coupled with the tangy salsa and runny fried egg, this burger was bursting with sauces and flavour. liked this better than the beef burger, perhaps because it’s more unique. was definitely impressed.

9/10 🌟


Topped with cage-free egg (New Zealand), house-made garlic yoghurt sauce and ‘Frenchie’ salsa.
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@jooeunchung and I made an immediate beeline for @burgerlabo after reading about how it emerged as the unanimous winner of the Straits Times' blind burger tasting test.

BurgerLabo is located in what can be best described as a garden shed opposite its sister restaurant, The Naked Finn. The menu is very simple - just burgers, more burgers and whatever that accompanied it.

Tbh, I was rather disappointed when they first served their burgers which came without any sides and were on the small side (or I have big hands 🤣🤣🤣) for the price.

The chicken burger was very good tastewise. A 160g GG French Poulet boneless leg marinated in yogurt and spices is topped with a free-range sunny side egg, house-made garlic yoghurt sauce and ‘Frenchie’ salsa, sandwiched in between a soft fluffy burger bun.

I loved how the bright orange runny yolk, garlic yogurt and salsa combined so well with the grilled chicken leg. In particular, I loved how the garlic yogurt enhanced the smoky flavours of the chicken and the various spices.

Yes, it's kinda expensive (and small) but BurgerLabo is the sort of joint you visit every once in a while when you feel like indulging yourself with a good burger.

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A chicken burger designed by Michelin-award winning chef Julien Royer - 160g of french poulet boneless leg marinated in yoghurt & spices, topped with a free range egg, house made garlic sauce and ‘Frenchie’ salsa.

I had high expectations of this burger from the get-go, and thankfully they were pretty much met. The chicken leg was grilled to perfection, emanating a smokey aroma, while retaining its tenderness. Each bite was succulent, and was a delight to eat with the garlic sauce. I loved that the garlic sauce didn’t overpower the chicken, but instead complemented it. The fried egg is also perfect for those who love yolky ooze, the yolk bursts open and slathers the patty and burger. Eating this is a messy business, so don’t order this on your first date. But if you’re settled in your relationship, throw all caution to the win and enjoy this bad boy.

The only thing I didn’t like about this burger was the burger bun. I felt it was too thin, with too much crust to bun - causing it to feel dry. I would’ve preferred this over a more luxuriant fluffy bread like brioche, but to each his own!

The great thing about BurgerLabo is how attentive the staff are - our waitress returned regularly to top up our water and even sweetly asked for honest feedback after our meal. She took the time to listen to what we liked or didn’t like, and explained the different components of the dishes. BurgerLabo wasn’t crowded at all on Thursday night, but who knows when business might pick up. For now though, it’s a fantastic place for a chill weekday dinner close to nature with a good burger or roll!


From the folks behind The Naked Finn come a burger joint that doles out delicious buns in the West. Burppler Veronica Phua has nothing but praise for their off-the-menu “McEgg” that features a simple, crispy sunny side-up — fluffy on the outside and runny on the inside. Also a fast favourite, the Chicken Burger ($20) sees a chargrilled chicken leg, fried egg and homemade garlic yoghurt and tangy salsa sandwiched between two lightly buttered buns. And with great burgers, have a milkshake — the Madagascan Vanilla Milkshake ($7) is perfect for washing this meal down.
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Headed down to Burger Labo, which takes the space of now-defunct Nekkid and its still run by the folks behind The Naked Finn.

Featuring elements such as free-range egg, housemade garlic yogurt, "Frenchie" salsa and a 160gm GG French Poulet Boneless Leg, the Chicken Burger is also developed using a recipe by Chef Julien Royers who is the co-owner and chef of two Michelin-starred Odette at National Gallery. Sandwiched in between two light, buttered and grilled buns, the main driver of the burger is seemingly the housemade yogurt, which carries a garlicky tang that evokes a flavour usually more associated with Middle Eastern fare. The house-made yogurt balances out nicely with the boneless chicken leg, which is expertly grilled with a hint of smokiness and seems to be marinated with tumeric (?) for even better flavour; the flesh being juicy and succulent with the meat's moisture being locked in, yet not being greasy. The sunny side-up is crisp along the sides, featuring a fluffy egg white while the yolk eagerly bursts with a poke from the fork to reveal the golden goodness within. The Frenchie Salsa helps to cut through the heaviness of the burger by giving a refreshing crunch. Despite the more artisan elements used in the burger, the Chicken Burger was an item I appreciated given how easy to understand it was; not too abstract as the elements are pretty much what they are as described. Coupled with good execution, it was an item I truly enjoyed.