Tokyo Fried Chicken Burger

$5.00 · 2 Reviews

Tokyo Fried Chicken Burger - $5
Burger consist of Japanese panko crusted fried chicken drizzled with torikatsu sauce & sesame dressing. Shredded iceberg lettuce and fries on the side. The fried chicken cutlet was kinda small and doesn’t come with any cheese in the burger. Other than those disappointments, the crunchy crispy cutlet with the sauce was still quite enjoyable, highly recommend adding one additional cutlet to make the meal splendid. Fries was surprisingly simple and delicious, which I finished it in no time. For that hawker price, expect it to be smaller in portion, so adding another portion is my best recommendation
Burgs by Project Warung
Golden Mile Food Centre - #B1-24


I never knew how popular their burgers were until I witnessed the long snaking queue last saturday at dinner time. And then they emerged as the winner on the Hot 100 list for hawkers in the central area! So glad that I tried.

For the new year, there was a minor revamp on the menu, while still keeping some of the classics. Instead of the previous Seoul Fried Chicken burger, it has now been changed to Tokyo Fried Chicken Burger. The burger itself was pretty airy and fluffy, but I would like it better if it was slightly more buttery. What was particularly enjoyable was the succulent Japanese Panko crusted fried chicken. I prefer the softer crispy texture yet less greasy flavour offered by Panko as compared to the usual bread crumbs. The juicy chicken was well marinated and I could literally tear them into strips! But I am not really a fan of the nutty creamy sesame dressing. The savory torikatsu sauce was average.

Each set comes along with a portion of bright yellow thick cut fries. Will be back to try the other burgers, especially the Nacho Fish & Chips burger!