Pandan Pancake

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Tucked away in a quiet HDB in Crawford Lane, bordering the vibrant Kampong Glam conservation area, lies Tolido’s Espresso Nook. It’s unassuming exterior doesn't deter a large crowd from lining up every weekend. Here the crowd favourite is their Pandan Pancakes ($14). Think pancakes lightly fragrant with pandan flavour, with gula meleka syrup drizzled over for extra oomph. Burppler Grace Lau thought their Rosti With Bratwurst ($19) was great, saying "The rosti has a nice golden crisp from pan-frying, and the potato is shaved quite coarsely, giving a good bite in every mouthful."
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

PSA90mins dining time only

Pancake had no pandan taste.coconut ice cream(you have a free choice of ice cream) was not bad, gula melaka was q good, complex with a bitter smokiness.

Not worth a travel though, and take note their opening hours, it can be rather erratic(ive been here and they've been randomly closed without reason lol)

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I think the standard has dropped quite a bit, the pancakes was honestly a disappointment!! Not fluffy & moist :(

Remember fondly having this a long time ago! The pancakes are still pretty nice though it seems to have gotten thicker. The coconut ice cream adds a nice flavour to it, though I wish they used better quality ice cream.


Pandan Pancakes
Pandan pancakes with a scoop of coconut ice cream drizzled with a generous dose of gula melaka syrup @tolidosnook . Nothing like starting the week long break on a sweet note! Everything was on point though it was a tad sweet for my liking.

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The Pandan Pancake was really good and fragrant. I appreciated that the pancakes were served warm and it makes a nice contrast with a generous scoop of coconut icecream.

The Laksa Pasta had fresh and succulent prawns. Pasta was al dente but I found the flavour of the laksa too mild and could be stronger.

$13 // happened to be in the area in time for breakfast and this item really caught my eye.... and well there’s no rule against ice cream for breakfast so why not ‼️‼️
from the moment the plate was placed on my table, there was a strong fragrance of pandan and coconut and it was really such a joy!!!! the pancakes were just the way i like, fluffy and soft and not too heavy, with a strong and natural taste of pandan and hints of butter. it’s best eaten with a good douse of gula melaka syrup and coconut ice cream since all 3 flavors complement each other perfectly and i was thoroughly satisfied with each forkful i took!! what’s good is that it didn’t get too sickeningly sweet even by the end of the dish

10/10!! can’t wait to come back and try their other breakfast items :-)) (and their coffee too omy)

Back again for breakfast and this time, we tried the banana pancakes along with peppermint mocha and Oreo milkshake. All were good but I prefer the pandan pancake cos it’s just more unique especially with the coconut ice cream.

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I very much wanted to try the pandan pancake with ice cream but I was at the cafe at 9am. But who says you can’t have ice cream for breakfast? 😜 No regrets, the pancake was fragrant and fluffy and went well with the coconut ice cream. The piccolo was great too! Will be back to try their pastas.

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