Chendol Delight

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Chendol with a twist
Made using chendol custard cream, gula jawa genoise, res bean and attap chee

While the initial taste of the cake was full of rose flavour, the addition of a attap seed gave a textural difference to the usual cheesecake we normally have

The cheesecake, even though not overwhelmingly sweet, was really rich so I recommend sharing with a friend.

The chendol cake incorporates the gula melaka, coconut and panda jelly with a slight sour mirror glaze. The sor hei is a black and white danish pastry with chocolate chips and resembles the several layers within a crossaint. Definitely a good place for tourists to savour the singaporean flavour in internationally recognised bakes.

Keong Saik Bakery has risen to fame in recent months for being the first in Singapore to come up with the trendy dirty buns. However, I was more intrigued by their unique selection of cakes such as chendol delight, gula jawa sticky rice, and this rose tea cake ($6.80). Truth be told, this cake is very much lighter than it seems. The soft and moist sponge layers carry a very nice hint of tea aroma, and a faint rose flavour gradually emits from the bottommost, rose syrup-infused layer. Interestingly paired with corn mousse, I was pleasantly surprised at the flavour combination and even more delighted at how well each component was executed to deliver this magnificent piece.


Which is why my morning tends to start with a cup of coffee~

Went to Keong Siak Bakery last Thursday to try their popular Sor Hei (black & white Danish pastry) and Chendol Delight. And we get to redeem a cup of Kopi Susu for free with the use of KopiPass!

The annual KopiPass ($60) allows you to redeem one drink per cafe at over 60 establishments and discounted food items. It’s also much easier to use now since they had launched an app version this year. Great news too, from now till end Feb 2018 quote “CASSXKOPI” and get $10 off the annual pass.
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Think Gula Melaka, Pandan, Chendol, etc.
This was their newest addition, the Rose Tea Cake. A rose tea patisserie with Ceylon tea genoise and corn mousse. It was pleasantly light with an aromatic tea fragrance.

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Chendol cake had the distinct Gula Melaka taste without being overly sweet. The red beans and homemade Chendol added familiar bites to the cake.
The Gula Jawa Sticky Rice cake also had a nice chewy texture with the sago and Nata de Coco. Lychee flavoured cheesecake was such a bomb, balancing the cheesecake with a light refreshing taste.

Chendol Cake - S$ 6.50
📍: @keongsaikbakery

Situated at Keong Siak road, this bakery serves an assortment of local cakes 🍰, pastry🥐, bread 🍞and kopi ☕️with a twist. Some of the flavors are pretty interesting and unique that you rarely see them around. Spoilt for choice between pink lady ( Guava lychee), Gula java sticky rice, Chrysanthemum cake, we finally decided on their signature Chendol Cake($6.50) with Atap chee, red bean and green jelly. Other interesting yet yummy bites we had included the milo lava croissant ( Crisp croissant with lava milo filling), Matcha Salted Egg bun ( Salted Egg taste- pretty strong game here). Overall, we enjoyed the ambience and bakes here. ❤️😍