Situated at Keong Siak road, this bakery serves an assortment of local cakes 🍰, pastry🥐, bread 🍞and kopi ☕️with a twist. Some of the flavors are pretty interesting and unique that you rarely see them around. Spoilt for choice between pink lady ( Guava lychee), Gula java sticky rice, Chrysanthemum cake, we finally decided on their signature Chendol Cake($6.50) with Atap chee, red bean and green jelly. Other interesting yet yummy bites we had included the milo lava croissant ( Crisp croissant with lava milo filling), Matcha Salted Egg bun ( Salted Egg taste- pretty strong game here). Overall, we enjoyed the ambience and bakes here. ❤️😍