Bread and Butter Pudding

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Used their organic fruit loaf. I thought it's good. I like bread pudding more than some people. A little haphazardly done but who cares?

[Restaurant Available on Burpple Beyond] This was much more gratifying than the Bread and Butter Pudding for sure – the smoky, woody undertone from the char added a dimension to this dish. The lemon caper sauce’s creaminess and tinge of tartness also injected a lip-smacking quality to it as well, which helped this dish make a stellar first impression.

However, I will admit that after awhile, it left more to be desired as its taste gradually regressed to that of an ordinarily delicious fare.

I highly encourage using Burpple Beyond for this because you get another one of their Bestseller main, but for the price of just ONE. Whew! (7/10)


[Restaurant Available on Burpple Beyond] It pains me to say that I did not like this…at all. I honestly found it overbearing in terms of sweetness. I’ve had several bread and butter puddings in my life, and none of them have been as criminally cloying as this one.

To put it as viscerally as I can, it was that kind of sweetness in which you can feel ephemeral burns at the back of your throat. This was coming from not just me, but my friend too, who was curious to try some when he saw my strong reaction to it after taking my first bite. So I’m very sure I’m not exaggerating anything here. 😩

A couple of of the fruit loaf slices weren’t adequately soaked in the custard as well, which was a shame. The fruit loaf was admittedly dense though, so I suppose it was an inevitable limitation. ☹️

I’ve also kindly told them my feedback on it, and the person attending to me justified the quality by saying there are a lot of sweeteners that went into this:
• vanilla
• cream
• sugar
• fruits in the slices of the loaf

He went ahead and added with an understatedly defensive tone, “maybe it’s just your taste,” because other people have apparently said good things about it. 🤨

Umm…let’s just say that I totally disagreed, albeit peacefully. At least I’ve already shared my concerns with them personally before posting about it online. For me, I just hope to be able to be of help, in the case that it’s in tandem with how other customers feel. And from there, they can make adjustments their recipe so that they give them a better experience — good enough to make them want to come back. 🤷🏽‍♂️ (2.8/10)


Expected it to be impeccable but sadly nah. I can’t rmb the full names of the dishes but here we go:

Beyond only applied to 4 dishes — Scottish blue mussels, prawn capellini, risotto and sea bass. So we ordered those, plus lamb and a bread and butter pudding.

1. Scottish blue mussels in white wine
It was ok, quite enjoyable. Served with sourdough.

2. Prawn capellini
Hard undercooked noodles......... :(

3. Risotto
Hard undercooked risotto................. It’s a no. The mussels and prawns were okay though.

4. Sea bass and salad
It was okaay, nothing special imo.

5. Lamb
We had it well done so it was really tough.. Served with a few mushrooms and fried batter. Not worth for $32.

6. Bread and butter pudding
Yas. A bit smaller than I expected haha but it’s ok cuz quite sweet so eat too much will jelat

We also ordered English breakfast tea and orange juice. Costs $1 to refill the teapot. Water was also chargeable. Total bill was $132.

Gimme bread pudding & an ice latte from Firebake, on a rainy day and it'll be the best comfort snack 😌


It’s raining and all I want is a blanket to snug myself back to bed. Besides that, a homemade bread and butter pudding made with their own fruit loaf will do just fine too.


It also looks burnt compared to the other post of this .. And I can't help to feel that there's a slight sour aftertaste. The Pudding/bread ratio could definitely be more for this.. quite disappointing but I'll give it a go another time. It could just be an isolated incident..

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Best bread and butter pudidng in Singapore!

Enthusiast who enjoy sourdough in all its forms would love Firebake’s Sourdough ice cream. Just like the bakes but in a rich gooey state, the smooth texture was amazing. With a unique yet pronounced depth of flavour, you will get the distinctive wheaty edge of the dough but certainly not unpleasant. And my favourite part is having the creaminess just dissolve in your mouth and glide down the throat. A real treat as they embrace the natural delicate sourness and subtle sweetness of the ingredients.

Though usually served on a peach, with vanilla and rye chip ($12) on their dinner menu; we got to pair our scoop with their delicious signature Firebake Bread and Butter Pudding (which I will write more about in another post) courtesy of Bing. And the combination was sooo guud, a great contrast between cold/ velvety and warm/ custardy. Not to mention the wonderful service we got at Firebake, I am planning my next visit already.


My nephew recommended this dessert and all I can say is that it was awesome! This is the best bread and butter pudding I've had 😍. If you do not want to eat too much carbs, you can skip the sourdough fruit loaf and have it in the pudding instead!
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