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Armoury Burger

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The Armoury Burger (S$24.00) seemed like the signature item of this restaurant, since it was named after the restaurant itself. With two regular wagyu beef patties, cheese, bacon and caramelised onions, this burger might have appeared small but big in flavours and satisfaction.

Although the burger was relatively scrumptious, if there was anything to nitpick, I would say that the brioche buns were slightly oversized and seemed to be mismatching with the size of the patties. No one would say “no” to a burger with the patty highly visible upon stacking with the buns actually.

But one thing for sure, was that dinner service here could be very crowded, so it would be best to call the restaurant in advance for a table reservation if you would wish to enjoy the indoor ambience and not be at the mercy of the weather.


This was quite similar to the Bunker but its patty was split into 2 instead of 1 gloriously thick patty. On top of the Bunker, this burger also includes 'caramalised' onions but turned out to be just light brown onions with an unnatural amount of added sugar :(

The patty was quite juicy and had a good char, and the melty cheese was there more for the texture/ooze, as it wasn’t too sharp (would have preferred a stronger tasting cheese tho). Bacon was the juicy, thick cut kind. However, the bacon made the burger a little too salty. I like that the bun was freshly toasted, so it was crisp outside and fluffy inside. There was kinda a shatter of the bun when I cut into it. They weren’t too heavy-handed with the sauce so that’s a plus. Also, is it me or there were no onions, even though the menu stated caramelised onions??

Fries were quite nice! They weren’t the generic frozen fries.

Overall, a pretty decent burger. A good deal at 1-4-1 prices!

Armoury Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato. We opted for truffle fries as well & we paid an additional $2 for it. Burger was really good! The patties were soft & tender & juicy (everything you’re looking for in a good burger) & their buns were they were soft & buttery on the inside & slightly crispy on the outside. They were also definitely generous w their portions! The truffle fries were a disappointment tho bc we couldn’t taste the truffle at all but we would definitely come back for the burger!

Mexican Guacamole Burger - double wagyu patty with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce & tomato. Opted for the sweet potato fries & paid additional $2 as well. Burger was similar to the armoury burger reviewed above, except that there was additional guacamole inside which gave the burger a nice texture. Sweet potato fries were really good as well, super crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Also, their prices are nett, highly recommended!!! 👍🏼 (oh they also serve plain water too)

We’ve reviewed the burger in our previous post but for this we changed our fries to onion rings for an additional $2 & the onion rings were really bomb!!!!! We loved it so much bc the batter was crispy & flavourful & it wasn’t too oily! Highly recommend y’all to get the onion rings!!! 🤩

• Juicy patty, portion is just right
• Tasty buns coated with sriracha mayo
• Changed fries to thinly crisp sweet potatoes fries for additional $2, generous serving
• Value for money with 1-for-1 Burpple
• Overall Rating: 4/5

Wagyu patty was done well, loved the caramelised onions, melted cheese and bacon combination. It became a gooey mess along the way, but it was still a delicious one.
Upgraded the fries to truffle fries for $2. Truffle taste wasn’t strong and it often only goes well with shoestring fries but it was worth it for what it is!
When we went there despite a reservation they could not provide an indoor table due to various reasons, but they promised to give us an indoor high table as Long as customers left and they indeed fulfilled their promise! Straightforward, genuine and quick to the point service which I appreciate. 👍🏻

Pretty decent dishes served, we had the 1 for 1, thanks to Burpple Beyond! Mentaiko Kaiju Armoury Burger ($24) - Nice hint of mentaiko and good beef burger overall and Chilli Crab Spaghetti ($23) - Spicy with generous soft shell crab.

However, what disappointed us was the service from the lady who seemed like the manager who was ordering her staff around. So what happened was: On that day we visited, it looked like it was gonna rain and I previously booked a seat outside, but they gave us a seat inside. But when I asked them if we could change outside, they said sure but we cant reserve a seat inside cos customers might flood in blah blah. Ok Fine, I understand since it's Phase 2. But what made us totally frustrated and speechless was when she came out to rush us to take pic of our food faster when we went out to take (since it didnt rain in the end) and she said other customers will need our table and accused us for hogging the table inside. Is this how you treat your customers?? What was even more speechless was that we saw birds flying in the restaurant like what you see at the coffee shop.. My lunch here with my friend was ruined, as well as our mood.

Both dishes were so yums!! had them cook the patty med well cause not a fan of reddish beef patty. a little salty w all the sauce bacon but cause shared it with my friend so it was still ok! :') the linguine smelled so good when it was first served and the pasta was so flavourful too! total damage was 24$ super worth it with burpple beyond! would recommend 10/10 but the deal is ending soon on jun 30 :-(

Was craving some good burgers and decided to give the armoury a shot! I ordered the Ohana Burger ($22) while the bf had the Mentaiko Burger ($24, pictured). We also requested to change one of the fries to sweet potato fries (+$2).

First impression : serving (of fries) was insanely huge!! Very generous portion and extremely crispy (though I found it to be slightly over fried). We requested for the cheese on my burger to be transferred over to my bf's and they were able to accommodate this request so thumbs up on that!

Burger wise, mine was quite okay. The bun was nice and fluffy but still maintained it's toastedness (which I greatly appreciate). However, I feel the sauce and patty was quite forgettable - not bad but not mind blowing. The bf's mentaiko burger was very interesting and the salmon ikura really changed the flavor profile of the burger.

Overall, we paid $24 for the meal (no gst, no service charge - huge boon!) Wasn't the best burger we had but definitely extremely value for money, given the taste, ambience and price point. Will be back with the one-for-one again :)

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