Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant (Cuppage Plaza)

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Yakitori (Chicken Skewers)

$6.00 ยท 6 Reviews

It's not the crispy kind but it's fatty and tender with a springy bite. It's absolutely lovely with the garlic puree and very satisfying with rice.

Take note this isn't the yakitori style, I guess it's more teishoku actl(it looks as if it's lightly seared?)

Yes, what were the odds we ordered leek not knowing tori already had leek? Meat was inconsistent - some pieces were fantastic while some tasted cheap. Leek was juicy although you'd wonder why it's chao tar.

Grilled steak, chicken and Pork belly. Perfectly done but missing its char fragrance. The seasoning was to the salty side which made it very suitable for bar food.
Must try their beef and pork belly. No regret. The high heat sealed in all the juice and


Gather your friends for a laidback evening at this long-standing izakaya on the second floor of Cuppage Plaza. This no frills joint has been around for over 25 years and the same Japanese chef still remains, so you know your food is in good hands! They serve everything here, from light bites that pair well with ice cold beer to hearty meals like Japanese curry rice and bento boxes that are bound to fill you up. Start the night with some skewers like the crowd favourite grilled pork belly, Butabara Kushiyaki ($7.50 for four) and the value-for-money chicken skewers, Yakitori ($6 for four). Need something heavier? Order the Nijumaru Bento ($20) โ€” it comes with a tasty slab of pork belly, fresh sashimi, crispy tempura, rice and miso soup. Reservations are recommended.
Avg price: $40 per person with drinks
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4 sticks for $6. Incredible value for money. Quality is good but don't expect this to be an eye opener. This is the kinda place you'll come back again with big groups for the quantity and enjoyable food! I can see this becoming a regular port of call for impromptu post-work dinners or casual buddy hangouts. Clientele is a good mix of Japanese and locals. Provides an English friendly menu.