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Found the shakshuka pretty spicy and rather thin, the depth of flavour was just not there. The herb & seed tabbouleh was the saving grace of the dish.

The English breakfast fared better, with each component decently done. Not the best though, and given the price, I would rather go someplace else. It’s a pity that their standards have dropped.


Got this meal at 50% off to make my tummy and wallet happy! The Tunisian consist of a shakshuka which was delightful and reminded me of my very first one that I had in Amsterdam while the English breakfast looks deceivingly small but stuff us full! ChopeDeals has a wide variety of offers, from 1-for-1 buffets to 50% off cash vouchers, and even set menu deals below $20!

Great brunch food but only made worthy the price tag with Chope’s $25 for $50 voucher 👍🏻👍🏻 Loved the spicy shakshouka, which was a flavourful pan of saucey goodness that really went well with the chorizo and egg! And dipping that brioche bun into that sauce was simply heavenly 🌟🌟 Though their brioche could be a little more buttered and toasted, they did the rest of the typical brunch components well but there was nothing super special. If anything, give the Tunisian a try and the restaurant has a nice ambience with attentive service, but for the price you might be able to find better food for better value elsewhere 😶😶

Ordered English, Tunisian and Scandinavian. All dishes come highly recommended! Tunisian would be great if you would like something hot with gravy. English is a classic English breakfast. The asparagus in Scandinavian is so good that there's a need to mention it specifically! Been here a few times and the quality has been consistent. Just that it's quite pricey!

All Day Breakfast (English) - $26
The full works - poached eggs, Canadian bacons, pork and fennel sausage, white pudding, potato champ, sautéed mushrooms, dad’s baked beans, grilled tomato & toasted brioche
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Having weekend brunch at their veranda was a nice relaxing way to dine and leave the busy life behind.
We tried 2 of their all-day breakfast and were both stuffed by the end although they didn't look like a lot at the beginning.
This was their English, 2 thick fluffy brioche with everything that you'd want for a hearty brunch. Especially liked the baked beans with bacon bits and onions, flavourful with an earthy taste.

For $24, you really get your money's worth! Really love the mushrooms and dipping their brioche in the baked beans. 3rd time there and i forsee more in the future! One thing tho, their bacon is not really consistent; we had 2 plates of their English Breakfast and one plate had dry, hard bacon (that had us thinking of bak kwa 😅) while the other plate was more tender.