Kaya Butter Toast

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Old style toasted bread with Kaya and butter. So good I can have this for breakfast lunch and dinner. The coffee is also very aromatic. You can also choose to add a piece of butter for a smoother drink.

Special mention for the Malay stall in this Kopitiam. Their curry pok and Nasi lemak is worth a try. But be aware the curry pok is cooked in batches so waiting time can be quite long. I came at 10.30 and was in time for a batch.

Must support the old uncle making coffee and toasting the bread. No many such kopitiam left in Singapore.

Such a old school place, feel so nostalgic sitting here and eating my kaya toast.

To fully immerse yourself in this experience of nostalgia, I suggest u sit facing internal of the coffee shop. The shop is filled with old shelves, public telephone, smoke stained walls and ceiling.

Kaya toast was toasted with charcoal.

Please be prepared to queue and be patient, uncle old already, don't pressure him.

Please don't come here when u are short of time, choose a leisure time to visit please.

Heard from other reviews that the waiting time could reach up to 1 hour. And inside kinda hot and stuffy.

2 soft boil egg, 1 kaya toast, 1 teh, total $3.40.


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My kopi & toast expert boyfriend said is the best kopi he had! Better than ya kun! And the price is way cheaper than ya kun too. Worth a visit!

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Kaya toast is light and fluffy. Nothing amazing or out of this world but the vibes there are amazing - super retro and homey!

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A traditional and very vintage coffeeshop! Can’t help to feel that i’ve been transported back to when i was little in my hometown. The toast was done in a charcoal grill. Kopi O was really strong and roasty.

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From Heap Seng Leong
Always worth the visit for the decent toast with kaya & butter.
Really loved the soft boiled eggs when it’s served with great service.
As for the black coffee, it’s personal favourite.
Come and chill.


Standard traditional kaya toast set, a go-to for breakfast 😋
(Egg + toast) for $2.40
Drinks are separately charged teh for $1, $0.20 more for butter added.
The place can be a little disorderly reminiscent of olden days coffeeshops and the service can be pretty slow but i still enjoy the nicely cooked eggs and the toasts which has generous slabs of butter.
Special mention for the $1 curry puff sold at the front of the shop — really enjoyed the crisp yet soft chew of the dough🤤

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Was really more intrigued by the whole old school, back in the days kinda setting than anything else. It’s like stepping into a time capsule bringing you back to the past.

Old uncle really wore his pajamas while making the kopi and that was really cute!

Worth a visit if you’re in the area or wanna bring your parents for a trip down memory lane.

Rating: 3/5

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A really old school coffeeshop.
It was pretty crowded when we arrived, but we managed to get a seat in 10mins. Ordered a kaya toast set, with eggs and a cup of hot kopi. Hmm... I don't think this place is very fantastic, the kaya butter toast was not bad, it was alright. Eggs were normal. The kopi was not bad though. Maybe the only reason why I would come back again is for the old school vibe. It really feels like you're back in time. They don't even have a menu! Hahaha!

Went there at early morning 5.10am.
Only 3 people in the shop.
Coffee is goood. Eggs are goood too.

For the toast, I was expecting a more crunchy texture of bread and it is not. However the thick sliced butter between the bread is just sooo goood😋

Price is reasonable.

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