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Hawker Food

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Wilson Foo
Wilson Foo

The place is located in a small food court in level B1 of Bukit Timah Plaza, along with a couple of other stalls. Limited seats so sharing if tables during lunch time is required.

My order of duck rice with braised egg and fried bean curd was $5.70. Looked for the Yam in the rice but I couldn’t find any even though the unmistakable taste of Yam is in there. Smothered in braised sauce, I can go for the rice just by itself.

Then there is the braised duck. The portion was generous, duck meat was very tender and boneless. The accompanying soup was a little sweet and had a faint hint of anise and cinnamon, key ingredients of a good braise sauce.


Still feeling peckish after my bowl of fishball noodles, I ordered a plate of Chee cheong fun from this stall. At $2.00, it is again under sized in my opinion.

Quite normal taste, nothing to get excited about. Perhaps the taste would be better if I had asked for chilli sauce to be added.

Been eating here for ages since I moved to West Coast. This is my go to place for cheap and good wanton noodles.

At $3.50 a plate, you simply cannot beat that. The portion is decent although I wished they’d use the normal alkaline wanton noodles for more al dente bite. The wantons were also thicker in the skin but char siew was sweet and tender enough.

The MVP is their pickled green chilli. They have got the sourness and heat of the chilli perfectly balanced. Just toss a couple of slices into your noodles and it elevates the taste immediately.

Sometimes I’ll add braised chicken feet. Theirs does not have a lot of collagen but has good flavour and the flesh comes off the bones easily.

Recommended if you need a quick, good and cheap meal in West Coast area.

First ate here years ago when I was not based in Singapore. I recall back then, good Hong Kong style roast meat restaurants were quite scarce In Clementi West Coast area. Besides roast meat, they also have wantan mee, zichar and they sell Nasi Lemak and porridge in the morning.

After my return I continue to frequent this place basically ordering the same duck drumstick rice with added roast pork, braised egg and double boiled water cress soup.

The quality dropped and the portion has been reduced over the years but price has increased to over $10 now. Only the double boiled soup has remained consistent in portion and taste. Quite disappointing.

Arrived at 1.15pm and there was no queue. Ordered black and white fried carrot cake at $5.00 with chilli.

To be honest I have always preferred white version of carrot cake. But this time, to my surprise, the black carrot cake blew me away. So many layers of flavour, the black carrot cake was sweet, savoury and spicy with a little bit of charred taste. The white carrot cake was savoury and spicy, with adequate chai poh (preserved radish).

Overall a good carrot cake but a little oily.

Long queues at this stall for wanton noodles. The lady boss is very polite but the noodles were quite normal in terms of taste and portion is small.

Best Lor Mee in the West. $5 portion gets you braised noodles with mackerel fish and fried meat balls plus half a braised egg. Add chilli, garlic purée, celery and extra vinegar for extra flavours.

Please note that the queues can be very long during meal times but be patient. They tend to move quickly due to efficient teamwork at the stall.

This is my go to place when I crave Cantonese Zi Char like Hor Fun or Fried Rice. I also recommend their Har Cheong Gai, Fish Head Steamboat and Prawn Fritters.

Arrived at 4.20am at Boon Lay Place food center and was surprised that quite a few stalls were already open. I headed straight to this much vaunted Kway chap stall. For the record, this stall opens 4 days a week from 4am to 11am at the latest. They are closed on Mon, Tues and Weds. also closed for one month during CNY.

I ordered a $4.50 mixed set plus a small bowl of kway at $0.70. Set comes with braised pork belly, intestines, pork skin, fried bean curd, sliced fish cakes and a braised egg. Everything tasted fresh with hint of Chinese herbs.

The bowl of kway was silky smooth with just a hint of chewiness. The braise sauce was savoury and light, so much so you can almost drink it on its own. The chilli sauce had the right level of heat without overpowering the taste of the Kway or the pork. Wish it could be a little more piquant.

Overall a very good meal of Kway chap. I did wish I’d ordered the larger bowl of kway at $1.00 cause it was so good. Next time.

Bib Gourmand Hor Fun. Arrived at 11.40am and was second in queue. Ordered the Blissful set and added braised two chicken feet. Total $10.10.

The rice noodles were silky smooth. Braised sauce tastes sweet with hint of Chinese spices. Imagine the after taste of Klang Bak Kut Teh. You get two mushrooms, several pieces of chicken and 1 Bok Choy. Chilli sauce was more sweet than savoury/piquant and not much heat.

It’s good but I am not sure if it qualifies as Michelin Bib Gourmand.

One of the last stalls in Singapore selling oyster cakes from Fuzhou. Was introduced to this stall 30 years ago by a colleague. Glad they made it through the years.

This is my go to place for white carrot cake. Long queues especially weekends so expect a wait of 30 mins and above during mealtimes.

Their smallest serving is still $3.00 after all these years and in spite of inflation. I also don’t see them cutting corners - portion is still just as big and lots of eggs, which is one of the reasons why this stall has so many loyal fans. The crispy exterior but soft interior makes their carrot cake a joy to chew on. Along with their pickled veg (chai poh) and the chilli sauce, you get flavours bursting from every mouthful.

Downside is that they only dry white carrot cake. Can’t get the sweet black version here.

Pro tip: ask them to add more chilli on the side. Their chilli sauce used as a dip will take the carrot cake to another level.

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