Kopi Guyou

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Do try this at least once if u haven’t!

Slightly diluted and wasn’t as good and fragrant as I remembered it to be... Probably because it was made by his son😂?

[Hungry Lah!]

Our search for good Teh C brings us to this old school establishment.

Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop at North Bridge Road.

Once you stepped into this place, you are instantly hit with burning charcoal.
We ordered the Butter Kopi and teh c siu dai set. The butter kopi was amazing, the uncle sliced a piece of butter into the kopi making it so fragrant.

The old school kaya toast was also amazing. All items were cooked over charcoal.

This place has been here since 1974

Dont forget the curry puff handmade! in front of the coffeeshop. At $1 each is simply very delicious and not oily!

Check out unconventionalpassionss.com for more details

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We queued for 30 minutes before we managed to get our food and around 10 minutes into queueing to get a table.

Ordered 2 sets of toast, 2 sets of soft-boiled eggs, kopi & kopi gu you (kopi w/ butter). The bread came warm and soft but it was still very delicious as the Kaya wasn’t overly sweet and butter was generous! The kopi was very fragrant and with the additional butter, it made the kopi even richer and smooth.

Being a young adult, dining there just brought us back in time to when our parents/grandparents have their breakfast.

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Any moment I expect to see Maggie Cheung in a cheongsum making coffee. ⁠⠀
But instead of Maggie, it is the uncle in his signature pajamas bottom.⁠⠀
To get the butter coffee, you got to let them know. Don't specify and you'll get the ordinary one. ⁠⠀
The kaya butter toast was nice enough, although I was not blown away.⁠⠀
Still, the atmosphere makes up for it. Now, are you in the mood for kopi?

Butter coffee - very thick and aromatic, great for kopi gao lovers
Toast - not bad, toasted on the spot, butter and kaya

• Really cool old school coffee shop setting, many decorations in the shop bring back memories
• Price is similar to the usual coffee shop price

Nearest mrt: Lavender

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First time to the super old school @heapsengleong and the toasts + drinks are still kept at an affordable price at less than $4 for 2 drinks and a toast!

The golden brown kaya toast which was crisp and fluffy, with a slab of butter and a layer of not-too-sweet hainanese kaya was fantastic and I liked the extra effort scraping to remove any burnt bits after toasting.

Also tried Kopi Gu You for the first time and guilt aside, I liked it - the aromatic kopi was pretty smooth!


This one at @heapsengleong serves kopi with butter (also known as kopi gu you). The coffee here is rich, strong and aromatic and the butter, though you can only taste a little of it, is smooth and added a slight aroma to the coffee too. It was quite an interesting experience especially since it’s hard to find kopi gu you in coffee shops these days and you hardly see people using charcoal stoves too. Besides the price of the food here is very very reasonable. It’s one traditional coffee shop that you can visit if you’re into traditional coffee and the local culture. Though do note that there might be long queues and waiting times. But you can simply take the time to just chill as it’s like time slowed down (something you hardly get to experience in our busy modern day lifestyles).
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Heap Seng Leong has been here for ages and I've pretty much condemned for not trying the kopi guyou which is coffee with a slab of butter in it. Yeahh, so if you're coming, that's the magic drink to go for.
At the same time, it is one of the few places to still use charcoal to toast their bread!

The entire coffeeshop and it's striped pyjamas uncle is trapped in a 1980s vibe which allows the place to retain it's old-world charm.

Come down soon before this piece of Singapore history is gone forever! 📸: @michellechun_
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Authentic, cheap and most of all good and unpretentious food such as this coffee shop with its butter coffee and toast. Even my friends, the pigeons, love it! 🐳🐳...
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I was transformed back to the 90s when I stepped foot into this quaint coffeeshop. I came to try the legendary coffee with butter (kopi gu you), which was rich and fragrant. I was even more impressed by the Kaya toast, which in my humble opinion, tasted even better than Yakun's. The half boiled eggs were big and fresh. A satisfying set for 2 cost only a paltry $6.40. I'm sure this is my first of many more visits to come.