Spicy Tom Yum Spagetti

$25.00 · 3 Reviews

Date visited: 1/6/2018 (Fri, 7pm)

Fortunately we took a Grab car there. Carpark was full.

Not too populated inside the restaurant. Can get a table without reservation. It used to be much more crowded.

Tom Yum Goong was more sweet than spicy, unlike the description given on the menu. This soup was just way too sweet. Prawns were fresh though. But at $14, it just isn't worth it. No sotong/ squid or other seafood. Just 2 fresh prawns and a couple of mushrooms. In short, not nice and not worth it, unless you enjoy sweet soups.

Sambal Kang Kong was good. Serving size was good, Kang Kong tasted good, had hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps), but not too oily. At $8, it isn't unreasonable.

IMO, some items on the menu are overpriced.
Jasmine white rice costs $4. It was nothing special.
Fruit juices cost $9-12. Even if the fruits are organic, it doesn't justify the price tag.
Perhaps, they are trying to discourage people from having rice or drinking juices.

They could have offered/ allowed customers the option to top up their dishes with a small rice/ soup.


Quite pleased with what I ordered, although I wish the prices weren't this steep for a casual eatery. I also wish this weren't on the other side of Singapore - but oh well.

Service what mediocre & some might even call it appalling - who serves your dish without even looking at you but in fact, with his back turned to you (ie looking away from you, not even at his own hands)? But I let that slide.

Unfortunately sat at a table where the air-conditioning was blowing fiercely at - so the food became cold quickly. Nonetheless, they were still delicious.

Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Pizza 🍕 ($23++) was decadent with the beef being tender & mushrooms juicy. I especially liked the white sauce on it, as I usually do.

Spicy Tom Yum Spaghetti 🍝 ($25++) was actually not spicy at all. But it did deliver on the creamy promise (in the menu's description). The prawns were fresh but the clams could've been better. I didn't see the point of the arugula.

Don't let the name fool you, the Tom yum isn't all that spicy. Good flavour, with lots of garlic but it wasn't as creamy as I would want it to be. The seafood is pretty generous and fresh! Prawns, mussels, squid and a never ending pile of clams. The arugula adds a nice touch to the dish. Spaghetti was al dante but quite average. Priced at $25++. On a weekday lunch, the place was nearly full house. Was greeted by a brusque "how many?" Which made my day really, because it was so direct and funny.