Kaisen Don

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This fresh tasting marinated sashimi cubes over flavoured sushi rice really is the best value Kaisen Don one can get. Served with a miso soup, it also comes with free flow sides of carrot/radish and salmon stew.

There are many versions of this dish in the market, but over here at where it all started still taste the best!

This is so far one of the best chirashi don that serve a generous amount of meat and it is really fresh!
Small siting area so not so much of movement and only counter seat is available. Well, i dont mind as i can witness the chef in action!!

Very reasonable pricing with that amount of seafood. Free flow of salmon flakes for u to add it into your miso soup. Serve also free flow of radish salmon head while u are waiting for food.

This place does not charge GST or service charge!

Above average quality, fresh ingredients and really value for money! Of course you can't compare this with the premium Chirashi @ Jin Fine Dining. But for roughly half the price, its definitely a good Chirashi don! Place serves free flow salmon + daikon soup too, with the daikon being really fresh and sweet. πŸ˜‹

Rating: 4/5

$17.60 | One of the best chirashi don ever! Sashimi are very fresh and cut in thick cubes. Wasabi wasn’t too overpowering and just nice. Comes with iced tea, miso soup and many side dishes - soba, pickles and cooked salmon with radish and carrots.

Considering the price, it’s very affordable! Do expect queue during the peak hour.

So good!!!

~18 in total for a bowl of generously cut seafood on rice. Seasoning was just right though I would have preferred the fish to be colder! Comes with miso and brown rice tea. For the price point, the quality is definitely one of the best in town

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Aka salmon chirashi don ($17.60). Oiishi desu! The seasoning of sashimi wasn't too salty and the rice was served hot. The salmon slices were very soft.

A small restaurant with counter seats, you get to see them preparing your food while waiting eagerly for it. Lunch set prices - Aburi salmon don ($17.60), Kaisen don (bara) ($14.80) and unagi (ala carte). My favourite is the unagi which is the same standard as the one at Man Man Unagi Restaurant by Teppei.

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finally tried the highly recommended dish πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

This is a winner because of their generous portion and wide variety of marinated sashimi alone. I particularly liked the addition of the baby scallops which were really sweet and fresh. Also, plus points given to their freshly-grated wasabi!