Mango Swiss Roll

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Soft and fluffy in texture, filled with real mango cubes and a layer of cream.


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Old school soft, fluffy and light mango swiss roll that’s filled with real sweet cubes of mango and a layer of cream. Some might find that the mango swiss roll might be too sweet with the mango cubes and cream.

My precise cutting (when I did not intentionally meant to be precise) yielded 17 slices for each roll (one mango slice is missing from this pic)! And I just stuffed 5 slices down my throat. Rewarding myself for the note-taking duty today + 2 hours of brain draining meeting this evening + sugar kick to finish some work tonight. #burpple

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I have awesome people in my life who never let me go hungry 😘❤️ [MANGO SWISS ROLL]


Can"t believe that my 6th uncle whatsapp me say to me say that this is best swissroll he ate in life both are equally good.Definite will be back again despite their bad customer service attitude. Here is their Tel no:62943324. We split half strawberry & half mango.