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Roger Sim Ming Yang
Roger Sim Ming Yang

Today I gonna this Old School Coffee Shop where u can have your Breakfast or Brunch. The location is very Ulu Surcluded Area. If u know how to walk frm Kembangan MRT Station that will be good. If not have to Drive or take Grab. This Coffee Shop had history for 40 plus years. It hidden Gem nobody knows about it. My 1st time my friend @where_got_tham brought me to try. We had Dry Bak Chor Mee & Laksa. This Coffee Shop selling bak chor mee & laksa at $3 where can u find it at other place ? Their kaya toast the best. It is crispy outside inside soft. Folks dun forget to order their coffee & tea too.
Name :Boon Kee Kway Teow Mee
Address: 92 Jalan Senang Singapore 418464 Tong Bee Coffee Shop
Operating Hours:0630 to 1500hes
Sundays 0630 to 1215hrs

Someone Mention to me about this 五香 stall dun noe why they call it 老子号 。 I think they are in business for more than 30 years. Now let introduce u this 五香。 What I know this 五香 stall sell alot like more than 10 type of item. Everything is made on the spot by the stall owners. So call u can eat fresh item. No next day food. The Sauce is their key Special. The stall owner uses plum sauces added with Chilli & crushes peanut. 1 bowl of sauce is not enough need at least 2 bowl of sauces. Their Sotong is must order. The Stall Owner know how to cooked at perfect texture. Some cooked is hard or soft cannot different the Q tender of the cuttlefish. Dun Worry if there are item are sold out the stall owner Will replenish.
Name: 老中中五香
Address:29 Tai Thong Crescent
Stall Number 3 Singapore 347858
Operating Hours: 1200 to 0000
Closed on Mondays

This Old School Confectionery selling different type of cake muffin etc. Today gonna introduce u their mini muffin. There are a total of 12 different type flavour of muffin. As I was quite curious I decided to buy all flavour sad to sad a few flavour sold out no choice but the flavour they are display. Muffin was soft & fluffy. The Confectionery also sell wedding Biscuit which we call 礼饼 which Chinese wedding tradition call 过大礼。 Their kaya cake is popular sad to say it sold out nvm got chance. Come find out yourself & see what u can get. Highly recommend if u need to get traditional food item
Address: 4 Chun Tin Road
Singapore 599591
Operating Hours:0930 to 2130 Mon to Sat
0930 to 1300 Sundays

When I watched the facebook video filmed by Makansutra @kfseetoh. The Stall selling Goreng Pisang aka Banana Fritter is gonna be history soon. The Stall was located at Orchard Road for at least abt 15 to 20 years before settling down at Maxwell Hawker Centre in Year 2008. Like one of my lunch companion @mademoiselle.melo say to me Oh no one by one close down. Hawker Are Old Generation I do not know the youngster like me will really Appreciate it or not. According to The Stall Owner Colin he told me he will set his last day of Business tentatively on 23rd Oct 2018 which is 2 weeks from now. I had patronised the stall since then I was working at CBD now hard due to me working ard Newton Area. @carl_holmberg Finally u tried the fried banana. @debbiehuang @candice.huang Sad to say I wanna inform u all that only 2 wks left to let u all try the fried bananas. @jiaknonstop wish I could bring u go try sad to say u are such a busy man. @eileenongxt I saw Alot of your IG u are taking old school food photo this one u shouldn"t miss it. Operating Hours I nv because I gonna say Good bye To them. Guys Pls get your Goreng Pisang fixed before they are gone.
Name: Lim Kee ( Orchard) Banana Fritter
Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street Stall 61 Singapore 069184

Previously I was invited for the Soft Launch opening.The Menu wasn"t fully out yet. I managed to get to try the Food. If u want to know who created the Full Menu of the Food it was done by @candice.huang . U will find it creative by looking at the design of the menu she created. U can enjoy the live band while ordering the food. Also This Sport Bar is founded by @dereeeeeeeek I guess he is Passionate about F&B. When u are there Do not worry about happy hours cos u will get the promotion. Their Slogan is "Every Hours is Tipsy Hours". My NS mate @carl_holmberg Enjoy their meal.
Not forgetting @ryanseanf @ivan.silas.lim I hope u like the Ambience & Atmosphere of the Place & the Food
Since I am staying at the East Area I am planning to visit the Bar More Frequently. Just to let u know the Sport Bar is Located right opp The Tampines Hub.
Name: Tipsy Penguin
Address: 300 Tampines Ave 5 #01-02A Singapore 529653
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thurs: 1130 to 0100
Fri & Sat :1130 to 0200

I am planning to go try another time looking at their FB fanpage I am sad that they are closing down. Not Sure Why they are closing down. Guess I dun have to write the Address since it Closed Down Maybe I just use it as a Food Memory.
For those who wanna Try u can just look at the pic & drool.

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Finally I get the Chance to try their Pork Chop. I realised Their Pork Chop is 2 big Pieces other Western Stall I realised serve smaller portion also 2 pieces of Pork Chop. The Pork Chop here is Well Marinated got the Pepper Fragrance Smell. Their Gravy really make the best combination. The Next Round when I am back will go for all 3 type except the Sirloin haha


The Soup type is the teochew Version which is Clear. Now I Going to Recommend u all the Dark Version of Bak Kut Teh which is dark Sauce Hollie Version of Bak Kut Teh. As I Enter the Shop House it is kind of Antique. Initally was thinking the Soup will serve in Claypot I was wrong it serve in a Small Bowl. When the Bowl of Soup was served it is all 🍖 no vegetable added. I kinda feel Eating this feeling Jelak. The Owner also tell me adding Enoki 🍄 will destroy their soup base. Well since there is no vegetable I cannot predict how can the stall owner sell Alot ? Those who think KSL is travelling distance. This one is near the JB custom. 5 min Walking Distance From Custom.
Address: 146 Japan Limbs Kids Bukit Chase 80300 Johor Bantu Malaysia
Operating Hours:0830 to 1430
Closed on Every Mondays

So Just nice that A group of my friend went there to Massage. The Wonton Mee Stall only Operate Lates Hours of the Night. When i was there there wasn"t much Queue. When we abt to leave & head back to Singapore the crowd started Coming in. Overall The noodle taste is QQ . One of the awesome JB Wonton Mee i try. If u all wanna eat u must stay over at least 1 night in order to eat the wonton mee.
Name: 海威传统手工云吞麺。
Address: 68 Jalan Abiad Taman Tebrau Jaya Johor
Operating Hours:2100 to 0500
Closed on Every Mondays

When i was at Taman Sentosa JB recently i was Recommended by my Cell Group member that there is a BKT i must try that what he told me. Look like when i was there it was Crowded have to wait for at least 30 to 45 mins because run out of Soup. Guess i went witg a big group of friend we order 4 pax portion abt 4 claypot. The Soup i like because it wasn"t too peppery must try is their Sambal Steamed Fish. Fish is Fresh no smell. We are so Fortunate to have it because we are lucky they sell selected day. The Sambal Sauce really goes with the SteamFish. Try to go Early to prevent long waiting time.
Address: Restaurant Shoon Huat 顺发肉骨茶
Address: 11/13 Jalan Sutera 1 Taman Sentosa 80150 Johor Bahru Malaysia

From JB Custom to there is abt 20 Min by Uber. When i was there Everything Was Relatively Cheap Start Price Frm SGD $0.70. Everything is freshly made frm the Spot. The Taste is different From the Factory taste. Look like I enjoy the most is the 流沙包 叉烧包 糯米鸡。 Everything is i get total spending is less than SGD$30. next Round i shall try their Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling.
Shall Recommend this to my foodies fren out there
Name: Dim Dim Sum 兴发点心茶食
Address: 17 Jalan Pendekar 16 Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Johor Bahru Skudai 81300
Operating Hours:0730 to 1600
Closed on Every Monday

Previously when i was there. Previously i wanted to eat but sad to say the stall was closed i decided to snap the pic happen to saw the lady boss so i decided to ask her so fast everything sold out early ? When my fren & i went over we went slightly after lunch hour somehow it happen to be long Q. The Story Start From The Owner Mr Li Ve Liong started learning his skill at Old Orchid Hotel on Dunearn. He set up his first stall in Hougang in 1986 & moved to the Current location 12 years ago. Looked like The Stall Owner maintained his prices the same for over 30 years never increase. All Affordably Cheap. His Roast Meat i can say is kind of pinkish i love it. The Most Popular is their Roasted Duck. For 2 paxs Portion of 3 meats Char Siew Roast Meat & Roasted Duck Cost u $7.80 with White Rice Served Cheap Right ? Don"t Forget to go for their Double Boil Soup too.
Name: Leong Wei Roasted Delight
Address:Blk 44 Holland Drive #02-36
Holland Drive Market & Food Centre Singapore 270044
Operating Hours:1130 to 2000hrs
May Closed Earlier Once Everything is Sold out
Closed on Every Thursday

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An Enthusiatic person who is looking for cheap & good food he can be your recommender

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