Neh Neh Pop

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A Catchy name for an ice cream! Great play on words! They had two flavors - Bandung lychee and Chendol! We had the chendol on and it tasted really like chendol! Taste was great but a little pricey at $7

Date pudding with burnt dulce de leche custard, espresso agar and cashew brittle with a scoop of salted dulce de leche softie on top. The taste of the burnt dulce de leche and the texture of the espresso agar with the date pudding made the whole combination so unami and addictive!
Chendol in a neh neh pop. The delicious flavours of gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk in an artisanal creamsicle. Amazing!
Chef @bjornshen's use of bold, contrasting yet somehow complementary flavours is evident even in his desserts. Love 'em!
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Finally, it is dusted with feuilletine and toasted sesame. How's that for an otherwise mundane ice cream pop?
This is one dessert filled with so much heavenly goodness you'll be craving for more when you take the final bite! πŸ‘πŸΌ Take my πŸ’° now!
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yoooOoOoOo it's mango sticky rice in a popsicle!!!! the white chocolate coating is as good as it looks! loaded with cereal and other crunchy thingamajigs this is like a premium version of the most premium magnum πŸ‘πŸΏ the actual popsicle was actually slightly disappointing for me and I thought it wasn't worth the 7$ because it was too icy BUT it had a little bit of glutinous rice and generous chunks of mango which made it way better ;-) mmm very creative nehnehpop you KINDDA make me wanna come back and get the other flavors hmmm ;-)

Chunks of soft and gooey salted caramel lay hidden within its creamy depths releasing hints of salt with every bite. Best part, the bits and bobs of marshmallows and salty pretzels chunks on the outside that reinforce the salty sweet combinations.I repeat, this one is for Snickers bar lovers or plainly for the gluttons。

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Strawberry Pockie
Strawberry ripple ice cream, white chocolate dip & strawberry pocky 》$7

Peanut butter ice cream, gooey caramel, dark chocolate dip, toasted marshmallows & salted pretzels 》$8

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Conversation starter for anyone with a bit of gutterbrain (don't pretend!). Left is Mango Sticky Rice which is rich with coconut cream and mango chunks (better for sharing), right is Rocky Road (I personally preferred this) which is chocolatey and covered with fizzy pop candy (?) - fun to eat! A bit on the pricey side but if u don't mind spending more it's worth a try for these unique concoctions. Any ice cream is good in this sweltering heat πŸ˜…

Pretty sure these need no introduction. I had the Mango Sticky Rice creamsicle, and was pleasantly delighted at first bite: white chocolate coating with toasted coconut flakes and rice puffs. Can't accurately describe the ice cream; coconut milk ice cream with a generous amount of fresh mango chunks, and some sticky rice. Excuse my inability to do this creamsicle justice with words, but like. It's so good that you just gotta have one all to yourself.

What you see is a glistening white frost of coconut flakes and rice Krispy snowing down on a bed of lushness, a creamy white chocolate. Hidden beneath are the true gems, a coconut rice pudding ice cream tickled with chunks of sweet mango.
I see hope for Singapore's dessert future. Innovation is starting and I'm excited.
Monster loves his neh neh!
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