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Pho Bo Dac Biet (Special Beef Combo Noodle Soup)

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Feature PHỞ BÒ ĐẶC BIỆT, Special beef combination nooddle soup.
The broth is light with beefy flavoured, served with tender beef brisket and beef balls.
📍Mrs Pho.
349 Beach Rd.

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Probably one of the nicest Vietnamese food I’ve tasted in Singapore thus far.
The beef and SOUP are good! 👍🏻
It tastes like the Bún thịt nướng I had in Ho Chi Minh! Omg I missed it so much and I couldn’t find something similar in Singapore. Whoots!
☹️But UPSET cus the cockles were sold out - the reason why I came here in the first place! But it’s alright then, will be back again especially for that!
Tips: don’t order the Mrs Pho Summer ice tea cus it tastes like herbal tea/liang cha LOL. Damn weird.
⭐️7/10 ✌🏻
📍349 Beach Rd, Singapore 199570 (opposite Concourse) & they are just opened a new outlet @ VivoCity #B2-29A, 1 Harbourfront Drive, Singapore 098585 🇸🇬

Not gonna lie, haven't had much Pho or had authentic Vietnamese Pho before either. But this special beef combination noodle soup (9.90) naturally felt like great Pho to me.
The broth was a very gentle and transparent tasting one, light but still containing a good dose of sweetness and umami from the spices and the beef. The noodles were springy and soaked up the broth well, and the beef ingredients were all cooked to a nice tenderness.
I couldn't really find any fault with this Pho, and it was just a wholesome and hearty meal.

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The bowl comes with tender beef slices, chewy beef meatballs and slippy rice noodles, while the broth is surprisingly light and tasty!🍜 Add a splash of lime juice and fish sauce to bring the bowl to next level of awesomeness!

This place will definitely ranked top of my Pho list in Singapore.

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Fatty beef brisket, beef round, beef balls.

Conveniently located along Beach Road, @mrspho is a Vietnamese eatery with décor inspired by typical roadside food stalls in Saigon, serving affordable comfort food such as Pho (of course).

Most beef slices were unfortunately on the tough side. The broth was alright but just slightly bland for my dainty palate. I wished there were more fresh herbs to brighten up the soup, giving it that desired “freshness” which I adore.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Special beef combination noodle soup


The broth was light and flavourful, the beef is tender except for the tendon which is too chewy.. 7/10

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Anyway, I recently had pho at Mrs Pho in Singapore (for the avoidance of doubt..). The special beef pho was nubbad and I really liked the fried pork spring rolls (we ordered 3 portions in total - each portion has 3 spring rolls)! Loved their fish sauce as well which cuts through the grease of the fried food. Service is prompt and quick so even if you have it for lunch on weekdays I would imagine quite a quick turnover.
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Not going to start on the many painfully corny yet pho-nny pho puns (haha maybe just a couple), Mrs Pho offers some pho-bulous pho - perhaps one of the best I have tried.

Greeted by the friendly Vietnamese servers, the interior was nothing like I expected with the concrete walls and simple metal furnishings as if you have step out into a quiet back alley. And just like the uncomplicated decor, my bowl of Special Beef Combination Noodle Soup ($9.90) was wholesome and comforting.

Though I can’t say much about the authenticity as I have not been to the country, pho me, the broth was delicate and on the lighter side yet held a good depth of flavour from the sweetness of the spices. My order also comes loaded with thin and tender beef slices, meatballs, brisket, as well as a small bowl of soup with a half cooked egg on the side. Mixing everything in, it was just a solid bowl of noodles that had great texture (nice and springy), generous ingredients, an addictive savoury soup base and priced affordable. Pho-nomenal.

*Note they take cash only, learnt that the hard way.

special beef pho$9.9+salted vietnam lemonade $2.5
It's really delicious!! Highly recommend!!
This is real Vietnams restaurant and style.
But they don't have any strong smell. So there are lots of foreigners there too.