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Someone well-versed in food science must have known that 42 degrees is the optimum temperature for poaching this salmon.. 😊
Possibly, the intricate texture is evident as the salmon breaks apart easily through the fork but stays together as a chunk when lifted. It is served with marinated seaweed, crunchy apples and umami furikake for added contrast in textures.


A perfect place with simplicite exquisite dishes that were done delicately to the slightest details. Cooked to perfection revealing luminous in its meat. Delightful pairing of appetite stimulating cold marinated seaweed and cured crunchy apples to end the meal on a perfect note.

42 deg poached salmon till every forkful comes as whole, supple flakes that stay together. Exquisite texture, coupled with a well-balanced ponzu-goma seasoned soba.
This was quietly simple, light, but all flavours on point to create that harmonised zen. Their lunch sets ($15 onwards) for a main, a starter of (yums) chicken rice crackers is well worth.

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Take for example the Salmon Trout 42Deg ($16) that involves lots of intricate and meticulous execution that I just can't bear to finish it all. Cooked at 42β€’C which is the tipping point between raw and getting too cooked/flaky, this piece of salmon was such a delicate piece of fish that it broke apart exactly at each grain line. Topped with Japanese furikake and served with seaweed, pickled apples and sesame, this is an excellent dish in their menu.

Kite Restaurant
Address: 53, Craig Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 089691

Soba is dressed in ponzu for its tartness and goma ... a mayo based sesame flavor. Quite a unique dish cos all the flavors played on the palate. This is considered a "cold" dish me. Personal preference, i like hot soba better😌. #lunch #salmon #japanese #i8mondays #8dayseat #hungrygowhere #burpple #opensnap #stfoodtrending #igers #igsg #sgfoodies #bloggersg #singaporeinsiders #tripadvisor #instafollow #kitesg

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Adjectives off the top of my head include unctuous, baveuse, and a few others. And the Wakame salad steps in to give much needed crunch. Check out the full review - link in bio!


- lifted from @eatatkite
Had lunch with the colleagues at Kite on Craig and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food here. Menu items are served as small plates but pack a punch. Lunch sets at $25/$30 for 3/4 plates are definitely good value for money.


You would suspect that the salty and uber soft salmon has been sneaking out for secret midnight rendezvous (yes, that’s the plural form – Vocabulary Editor) with its smoked classmate while elsewhere, the gloopy seaweed offered glacial refreshment for the throat and the apple cubes tasted like solidified apple juice. 4.1/5