Turkish Common Man Breakfast

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very well put together; pita bread was nicely toasted and still warm and went well together with the feta balls, egg (surprise!!!) and polenta. chilli chicken was a little dry and not well seasoned tho.

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Interesting breakfast - soft boiled organic egg, crispy feta, fresh cucumber, olives, tomatoes, hummus with pita. Healthy mixed of vege & hummus with pita is loveee! ($20)

To note: Cannot share! Too gooood

Went here alone,sitting at the bar.
The crew is nice and kind. Explain patiently to me about the coffee and the taste, even offer me a small glass of fast brew coffee aft i ordered one slow brew.
Food is good coffee is good place is good 👍


For not-so-common Mediterranean breakfast, this place never disappoints! They manage to make vegetarian food so tasty that you wouldn’t notice the absence of meat in the dish. I especially liked the crispy slivers of phyllo which gave way to a soft boiled egg. Couldn’t quite appreciate the fried feta as it was made from a rather pungent goat’s cheese. But the combination of fresh juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus and pita bread was simply perfect!

($25) Thought that the combination of feta and hummus makes this dish too salty. Eggs were cooked nicely, still runny and whatevee was coating the egg, that crispy bits is delicious, a bit sweet kinda counter the saltiness a bit 3.75/5


The never-ending stream of customers on weekends is a testament to how popular Common Man Common Roasters is. Situtated on Martin Road, the cafe is fairly inaccessible from any MRT station, so it's best to have your friends convene at Dhoby Ghaut to share a cab here (it costs around $4.50). Our recommendations centre on their timeless classics. Go for the Turkish Common Man Breakfast ($25) — phyllo-wrapped soft boiled eggs that reveal golden molten centres, served on a bed of velvety hummus. Olives and beautifully breaded and fried feta add a good salty punch, while cucumbers and tomatoes keep it fresh. Get your hands dirty and grab the pita to mop up the glorious mess! Otherwise, you won't go wrong with the Organic Eggs Benedict ($24, opt for sourdough) that comes with two poached eggs stacked atop unbelievably tender braised ox cheeks and drizzled with chive hollandaise. End your meal with the Fluffy Brioche French Toast ($18) — two slices of super eggy brioche served with Kapiti ice cream and berries compote — so simple yet so worth its steep price. We prefer filter over espresso-based coffee here (from $4.50) — just ask the friendly baristas for recommendations!
Avg Price: $30 per person
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One would use the phrase "not very common" to describe the prices but it doesn't seem to deter the crowds. I preferred their poached eggs but this is a pretty interesting brunch choice, which a phyllo wrapped egg and hummus.


If you love hummus, this is for you! You can't see it but it is smeared nice and thick in the plate, perfect for scooping up with all that pita. The fried golden orb is a beautifully runny egg inside, while the ball you see on the right is breaded and fried balls of feta!! Super satisfying plate.

This is really good and something you don't see often! Phyllo-wrapped soft-boiled organic egg, crispy feta, fresh cucumber and tomatoes, olives and hummus with pita bread! I'm super impressed with their food! Chinese New Year day 2, their rocket salad is still so FRESH! Wide range of variety of food to choose from. And everything on the menu, you just want to try! This is the kind of cafe that will make me go again and again! Yes, I'm full of praises for common man!

Served with pita bread. A refreshing take from the usual all-day breakfast menu. Love the phyllo-wrapped soft-boiled egg with runny yolk and feta #cheese! A hearty and satisfying #breakfast. Only grouse? At $25, excluding GST & service charge, this breakfast set is slightly on the steep side and definitely not "common man" breakfast.