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Western Fanfares

Western Fanfares

Featuring Potato Head Folk, Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan), Hambaobao, OMB (Oh My Bacon), Refuel Cafe, Group Therapy (Katong V), Omakase Burger (Wisma Atria), Naughty Nuri's (Capitol Piazza), Brothers in Fine Food
Jasmine Shen
Jasmine Shen
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BMW Wings

Wings are delish at the first bite, but gets too much on the 4th wing. Its ALL wings bytheway, for Wings lovers. Greens comes without dressing, its kinda dry.. just eat it with the leftover sauces from the wings! Good to share ($8.90)

Pancake Stack

Amazeballs pancakes, with butter & honey, best ever! Satisfied my pancakes craving, just today. Greens on the side went well with its dressing. Scrambled eggs are just comfort food.
And the chicken sausage, nth to rave about.. but you get to choose over sausage, bacon, smoked salmon. ($10.90)

Pull Pork Burger

It was a good burger, flavorful, but a little dry on the bread. Generous portion of the meat. Corn sides ($12.90)

Teriyaki Chicken

A slather of mushroom neatly plated on the grilled teriyaki chicken, comes with 2 sides. Western food at its best! ($7)

Happy Chef Pork Chop

My Comfort western food at Lavender hawker centre! Pork chop with 2 sides(sunny sideup & veg) pork is tender & addictive! Prepare to wait during peak hours! ($7.50)

Ribs Platter

Platter for 4 includes smashed potatoes, achar, grilled squid & chicken thigh, drumlets & full rack ribs($98) Ribs are delicious! But service was really bad.. shorthanded. Will come back for ribs & grilled squid!

Salmon On A Bed Of Couscous

Tender salmon for salmon lovers, it was a little too soft for me but if you love salmon you'll love this! Couscous was a little on the drier side. ($15 or lesser)

Baby Potatoes

Comfort food definitely for this. Sour cream, garden greens, potatoes, simple ingredients makes the best food! This wasnt charged to the total bill as they forgot to order for us so we had this on the house.

Steak With Beetroot Puree

Situated at Tampines West CC, level 2, its a small space designed with an rustic industrial theme with huge industrial lights at the counter, service is good & food is good too! Will definitely be back, their menus will constantly be changed.

Legit medium rare steak plated on beetroot puree with a dollop of butter, it is amazeballs! It was snatched within minutes.. so gooood! ($15)

Pulled Pork Burger

My friend had this whole burger to herself, i only had a bite.. its a 2+ hours wait + queue. Situated in a kopitiam @ beauty world.

Overall, this juicy burger had so much meat packed within the 2 slabs of bread, sandwiched in between was plentiful amount of cabbage & the sauce in it, went perfectly well altogether. And guess what? Its just $5!