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12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

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Reviews at Churn Creamery

Reviews of good food at Churn Creamery
Icecream At churn

A place i would go for icecream if im at tanjong pagar! Churn Creamy! A large selection of icecream, somedays with interesting icecream mixtures. I had the earl grey & blue pea sea salt at $7.80) Their icecream doesnt melt fast which does SG weather good! Service was good too!

A Hidden Ice Cream Along Tanjong Pagar

Blue pea sea salt ice cream on puffone and a free ice cream because we guessed the correctly for the mysterious flavor. They have a new mysterious flavor every month. So go there to see whether you can figure what is the mysterious flavor.
Price per pax: Under $10

Waffles Bowl $12.80 + Puffones $1.50
Oh my holy ** creamery (!) which churns out one of the best chocolate pastry cones that leaks chocolate chocolate and chocolate.

Currently NEW on the menu is the waffle-shaped bowl with our choice of chocolate and matcha ice cream, fresh fruits and cream!
And something silly we did...
Trying to balance our chocolate ice cream in between two cones 😹😹

Blue Pea Sea Salt Gelato with Puffone!

S$4.80 for Gelato, S$1.50 for Puffone.
If you are sick of the same old waffles and the same old cones, it's time you try a Puffone! Puffone is a puff pastry made to be a cone. And like @ChurnCreamery 's usual waffle cones, their puffone can also be chocolate filled at no extra charge! 😋
The Puffone is pretty good- crispy, flaky and non oily. It's similar to a croissant but is thicker and harder since it needs to hold chocolate and ice cream without turning soggy. I did detect a hint of bitterness but not too much. Coupled with the sweet but non-cloying chocolate filling, this is a cone that I'll come to have again and again.
A word of caution though, it's flaky so it will get messy. Thus, I'd recommend that you consume it in the cafe and not takeaway.
For gelato, I tasted their Matcha, Earl Grey, Blue Pea Sea Salt, Thai Milk Tea and Mystery Flavor. I liked all except the Mystery Flavor but loved their Blue Pea Sea Salt gelato the most.
Using the Blue Pea flower to give the gelato a beautiful bluish tint, this is essentially just a salted milk gelato since the Blue Pea Flower contributes no flavor to the gelato. But the balance between the sweet and salty flavors in this creamy gelato is just perfect for me!
#freewifisg (but you will need to check-in at regular intervals via Facebook) and #pokestop available!
Churn Creamery
124 Tanjong Pagar Road, S088533
Mon,Wed to Fri: 12pm to 11pm
Sat: 2pm to 11pm
Sun: 2pm to 10pm
Tue: Closed
+65 6221 3987

Matcha Ice Cream

But the chocolate cone here steals the limelight. The cone is like a puff pastry, flakey and the bottom oozes chocolate sauce.
Three weeks into the job
But I am not going to flop
Though I work err day round the clock
My life is not robbed
Everyday is filled with heartthrob
And I will never slob
😋 Churn Creamery
🍴124 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088533
⏲Opening Hours: Mon, Wed to Fri 12PM-11PM, Sat 2PM-11PM, Sun 2PM-10PM, Closed Sun
☎️Tel: +65 6221 3987

Churn Creamery
Probably one of the BEST CONE I have ever had that is a flakey crust with a chocolate-coated interior.

Once nearing the bottom of the cone, pop the whole thing into your mouth.
Immerse in that wonderful sensation as the luscious dark chocolate sauce contained inside, just oozes over your tongue.
Think MELTING chocolate in cone.
This is madness🍫🍫!
The PIKACHU is actually a passionfruit sherbet mixed with chocolate and raspberry. Sourish yet refreshing.
😻💃 will be back again!

Pikachu, i choose you!

This Pikachu-inspired flavour is passionfruit sherbet drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. Indeed very electrifying~ and i love their flaky puffcone with chocolate filling!

Go For The Cone Stay For The Ice Cream

Had to check out the hype @burpple made over @ChurnCreamery! Nope, wasn't disappointed - the ice cream is so smooth and creamy, with the soft taffy-like texture that proper gelato should have. I didn't really enjoy the Blue Pea and Sea Salt flavour (one scoop $4.50) cause it was way too milky and yet too salty at the same time. A strange balance I did not really enjoy. But I like the milder, lighter August mystery flavour. If you guess the flavours after a taste, you get the whole scoop free! (Pictured) Here's a hint: they both are flowers. Then I got it in the puffcone ($1.50): a flaky, crisp shell that was made to mimic the donut cone? I like it, the puffcone's buttered exterior gave it a smooth sheen and a flaky pastry taste before exposing the chocolate interior. Don't expect a crossiant-like pastry, the shell's too thin to give you the fluffiness. Thin, but sturdy, the cone holds in the melting ice cream with a layer of hot melted chocolate (done over the counter) that hardens as soon it gets in contact with the ice cream. Good thing they use good quality chocolate. In all a delightful gimmick that I enjoyed. But i'll probably order the ice cream in a regular cone in future!

Earl Grey Gelato

Thick smooth ice cream on every bite. Not to mention, awesome service too! Definitely be back!


Ice cream in a puff-cone, how genius.
The inside of the puff-cone was coated with chocolate sauce (they have a running chocolate tap 😱), probably to prevent the puff from turning into a soggy mess. Puff was crispy and flakey, and goes really well with the caramel latte ice cream. I will.. Come back for you...
Look out for their mystery flavor! Get the flavor right and you be treated to a free scoop of that ice cream!

Because wafer cones are too mainstream.

This is Puff Cone coated with chocolate flowing from a running tap. I wish i could have a tap with chocolate flowing too. The puffy cone provides layers which go really well with the earlgrey icecream and chocolate. 👍🏼
Located along Tanjong Pagar rd, i wont be surprised that u have missed it because i passed by it so many times without knowing.
124 Tanjong Pagar Road
Mon-fri: 12pm-11pm
Sat: 2pm-11pm
Sun: 2pm-10pm

Speculoos ice cream on a puffones.

🍦 .
What's puffones? It's a puff pastry that's shaped into a cone! Something unique and creative from @churncreamery ☺️ .
Imagine having ice cream with a flaky and crispy cone! 😌

Pastry Puff Cone For A Scoop Of Ice-cream

Pufftone filled with liquid chocolate. It was really really yummelicious, with many ice cream flavours to choose from at the counter.

Mixed Berries Cheesecake & Valrhona Chocolate

I loved both - adequately rich and creamy, didn't taste artificial or feel too icy.. Really enjoyed this one. Also very quiet and tucked away beside Buko Nero, juxtaposed with the noisy korean bbq joints next door.

Milo Baileys ice cream and 74% dark chocolate ice cream, service with crispy waffles with maple syrup and a chocolate sauce.

Aside from the fact that we waited almost 20 minutes for our waffles and ice cream even though we were the only ones in the shop, the final product did not fail us. This has got to be one of the best ice cream I have had in a long while! The Milo Baileys was the standout for me, even though the 74% dark Valrhona chocolate ice cream was almost just as amazing. The waffles were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside - they must have perfected it given the not so stellar reviews I read online when they first opened. I would definitely come back and try their other flavors. They have something good going for them, I do hope they stay around for a long time.
#burpple #churncreamerysg

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