Flat White (5.50) - Love the coffee here!

Legit, more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth

Set Lunch Menu which comes in 2/3/4 courses. With 2 courses at ($25++), we had (Starter) 63 Degrees Egg, and (Main) Barramundi

Flavours and presentation was fine and great for its price range but if you are looking for quantity to fill you then you might not be satisfied.

Takes after attributes of fine dining experience with attentive and kind service staff helping us to understand the dishes. Although we did not order dessert, the service staff offer us a homemade salted-caramel cookie to round off our meal, and the cookie was so good.

Might be too sweet for the faint heart. Rich chocolate wrapped with a layer of melted homemade peanut butter.

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Overall taste similar to Old Chang Kee Mushroom Puff, just with a thinner crust compared to OCK ($2.30)

If there’s only ONE Spam Fries you’ve gotta choose. It has to be the one here - that’s worth paying more for.


Local hawker’s favourite that’s offered in a more posh restaurant at Raffles City. The plus point has to be the unparalleled views of Marina Floating Platform. Typically love ordering anything that’s Salted Egg flavoured. Here you go if you’re looking for Salted Egg Yolk Calamari.

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I’ll opt for this dish to go to when I’m craving for light western flavours that doesn’t makes my tastebuds feel so heavy. Love the refreshing flavours of sweet diced mango. My favourite pick so far ar The Coffee Academics

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The Trio of Prawn ($28), consisting of tiger prawns, dried shrimps, and kawa ebi (imported from Japan) with capellini doused in a homemade XO emulsion, garlic kombu, chilli, and scallop strands.

The dishes at BUTTER are plated delicately and resembles a fine-dining rendition. Dishes made are solely driven by the concept of the craft of various French cooking techniques that enhances the flavours. It’s hard to believe that the menu is priced at only the range of $14-$32 for such refined standards.


Decent to satisfy your waffle cravings, it’s good but not wow-ed . ($11.50)