Managed to snag this deal of $17 Australian Angus sirloin thanks to Chope’s one for one voucher! We asked for it to be cooked to medium. I thought my steak was a little too chewy, but it was really flavourful, I could just eat it on its own! Tried it with the herb sauce that came along and it was really tasty too!

Probably the best risotto I’ve had 🥺 It’s just the right amount of cheesiness and the rice grains were cooked till they were soft! Been to a couple of places with risottos that tasted good but the rice grains were still hard. We waited about half an hour for our order to be served so the wait was really worth it! The asparagus and brussel sprouts were 😘🤌🏻 Downside was that the portion size is a bit small!

Oh yes if you like champagne, they have 2 hours free flow mimosa cocktails for $15 during brunch timings!

Cheap, good quality japanese food at a super good price point! Because I came on a Friday so I could only use the 30% off deal, and that came up to $9.10 per aburi salmon don. Can you imagine if you came on Sunday - Thursday?? That means at $13.50, you get 2 dons?! 🤯

Anyway, this is the Aburi Salmon Don which features a bed of rice covered by cubes slightly torched salmon, sliced cucumbers, shredded radish and a dollop of tobiko!

I fell in love with Umi Nami at first bite!!!! I had wanted to order the Special Salmon Don for the specjal mayo sauce but decided not to in the end because I saw some comments saying that it can get quite jelak. NO REGRETS, because the torched cubes of salmon were charred just nice and the chaoda complemented the salmon’s own flavour so well, and everything just melted in my mouth… There was no need for soya sauce and wasabi!

If I had one thing to pick on, I do find the vinegared rice abit too intense for me. But I’ll definitely return back for this gem!!!!

This is one of the items from their Jan/Feb specials, the 6 inch lychee rose crepe cake is priced at $58 and it’s suitable for 6 to 8 pax. Immediately caught a whiff of the lychee flavoured whipped cream when I opened the box.

The cake is made of 20+ equally thin layers separated by lightly beaten whipped cream that isn’t too sweet. The cake came with 4 packets of Thai Rose Tea sauce, which adds more flavour when drizzled on it. Overall, this was a very light dessert and I highly recommend it!

This is my second time purchasing from them. I’ve previously purchased a box of 8 from them and some of the flavours that stood out more were: Thai Green Tea, Tiramisu, Taro (was pleasantly surprised by this as I’m not a huge taro fan), Sesame 😋

1. Truffle Furikake Linguine: The truffle smell & taste was barely present :( Tbh this was just stir fried noodles with furikake, 4/10
2 Cereal Prawn Burger: Best of the night! The buns were toasted with fragrant butter and the ebi patty was delicious! 7/10
3. Calamari rings & chicken wings were average, abit on the salty side!

Good ambience and friendly staff 🤩

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Top: BP5 Salmon Mentaiyaki Don
Bottom: BP7 Unagi Don
Paid a total of $35 including GST and service charge, so that averages to about $17.50 per pax for a main, 2 drumlets (they gave us yakitori instead), miso soup and refillable tea. The mentaiko sauce was really tasty and you can’t really go wrong with salmon! They gave a really big piece of unagi, but the quality wasn’t that great as how a good unagi should be slightly chewy. It’s not exactly the most rewarding deal on burpple, but the staff were really friendly and service was great!

Amongst the 2 mains we had ordered, this stood out more! The flesh was moist, buttery and tinder, with firm flakes. Coupled with the chimichurri sauce, there was an explosion of flavour in my mouth. Usually, I would go for Salmon because I’m afraid of fishiness but this dish had none of it. The thin crust added a texture to the dish and brought it to a whole new level. I’m still dreaming of the dish after a day has passed 🥺 9/10

This year, we decided to have our christmas dinner at Hilton hotel’s Opus Bar & Grill for their semi-buffet dinner. At $98++, each person was entitled to 1 main and unlimited ala carte dishes, festive cheese and desserts platter. My bf chose the braised wagyu short ribs as his main which came with cherry tomatoes, grilled asparagus and hassel back potatoes. It was obvious the ribs had been braised for a long time in red wine as they were soft and tender. We didn’t have to chew much as the meat would melt in our mouth. A traditional classic! 7/10

Melon Milk: Tasted exactly like Pokka’s melon milk. 4/5

Fruity Pebbles: Milky ice cream mixed with fruity pebbles pieces that added flavours to each bite. The fruity pebbles were abit “lau hong” and chewy but I guess it’s due to it being mixed and frozen. 3.5/5

Both melted quite fast! Generous servings :)

Cookie Butter Cruffin: Super cute! It came with a ginger bread man!! I was disappointed because I the name led me to expect the gooey, sugary goodness with cinnamon cookie(think Biscoff). However, the filling was merely custard that barely had any hint of cookie butter. Was so sad because I really wanted to like this! 😭 3/10

Mentaiko Prawn Twice Baked: I love mentaiko so I had to get this!! Basically an umami bomb in every bite, and the taste was elevated by the chilli spices! I heated it up using my air fryer for 1 min and the mozarella cheese melted and omg this was so good… 🤤 8/10

I was really excited to try this because I love beancurd and egg tarts! However, I do not think the two go well together.

Individually, the beancurd was soft, silky and smooth. It’s more of a soy pudding consistency rather than a beancurd. It’s not very sweet, so I think it’s a good gift for your ahgong/ahma! But personally, I would have preferred it to be a little sweeter.

The crust is very thick and crumbly, with a slight buttery taste.

The price is very reasonable, the tarts are sold at $10 for a box of 8.

The ice cream was really smooth and creamy, and was a nice balance between sweet and fruity. I can imagine this as a hit with the kids and young at heart, especially with a dash of rainbow sprinkles! Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of the waffles because it was quite tasteless :(