Cheap, good quality japanese food at a super good price point! Because I came on a Friday so I could only use the 30% off deal, and that came up to $9.10 per aburi salmon don. Can you imagine if you came on Sunday - Thursday?? That means at $13.50, you get 2 dons?! 🀯

Anyway, this is the Aburi Salmon Don which features a bed of rice covered by cubes slightly torched salmon, sliced cucumbers, shredded radish and a dollop of tobiko!

I fell in love with Umi Nami at first bite!!!! I had wanted to order the Special Salmon Don for the specjal mayo sauce but decided not to in the end because I saw some comments saying that it can get quite jelak. NO REGRETS, because the torched cubes of salmon were charred just nice and the chaoda complemented the salmon’s own flavour so well, and everything just melted in my mouth… There was no need for soya sauce and wasabi!

If I had one thing to pick on, I do find the vinegared rice abit too intense for me. But I’ll definitely return back for this gem!!!!