If you are looking for a fine log cake this Christmas πŸŽ„, look no further! Bakersbrew's Chocolate Orange NoΓ«l Log Cake ($49.80/19cm, feeds 6-8pax) πŸͺ΅ will be your sweetest indulgence!
Relish in the richness of chocolate sponge paired with a zesty orange chocolate cremeux 🍊, studded with crunchy nougat chips. Generously coated in dark chocolate 🍫, adorned with a festive drizzle, gold spray 🌟, & charming Christmas toppers, this is such a delightful treat!

This Hainanese Happiness Set (U.P. $68, 10% off in Dec) comprises:
β˜ƒοΈ Midnight Goma Snowman Brownie Delight: lokks so cute right! As a black sesame fan, this is my favourite! πŸ–€
β˜•οΈ Hainanese Coffee Dream: perfect for coffee lovers, savour the richness of Hainan Kopi Gao in the cream! 🀀
πŸ₯₯ Hainanese-inspired Yibua Blissful Brownie: love the chewy mochi inside 🀍! topped with gula melaka grated coconut.
πŸͺ΅ Pandan Kaya Swiss Roll Log Cake: mindblowingly good! Featuring @thehainanstory's fluffy roll cake with aromatic pandan kaya filling πŸ’š, combined with @whiskdom's brownie bits, topped with pistachios & dried cranberries, this was such a treat! πŸ˜‹

Stoked that their Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart ($2.45) is back! 🀩 Featuring smooth egg custard filled with decadent chocolate hazelnut sauce 🍫 in a flaky tart, just who can resist this? Available from now till 1 Jan 2024 only so act fast! ✌🏻

Introducing the πŸ†•οΈ Dip β€˜N Share Bucket ($17.50), where you can indulge in this bucket of goodness with your loved ones at home! 🏠 Featuring the all-new KFC Shots, the all-time favourite Hot & Crispy Tenders 🌢 & the popular Cajun Wedges πŸ₯”, you're bound to have a good time!
Pair it with 4 irresistible dipping sauces: Sriracha Style πŸ”₯, Honey Mustard πŸ’›, Sour Cream & Onion 🀍 & Smoky Chipotle BBQ 🀎. My favourite has got to be the last 2!

Going at $3.50/slice or $28/8pcs, their Christmas Brownie Tree πŸŽ„ is certainly looking festive with festive sprinkles 🌈 adorned with a green chocolate icing & a gold candy star dΓ©cor 🌟!

It's all eyes on the Merry Yule Log Cake ($3.80/slice, $23.80/whole cake) πŸŽ‚! Featuring pillow-soft chocolate chiffon filled with a velvety & rich chocolate ganache butter cream 🍫, this is such a treat.

Their seasonal signature 6" Sugee Cake is made of finely ground almonds infused with brandy πŸ₯ƒ! They really aced the texture - dense but super moist! Enriched with a harmonious blend of cranberries ❀️, prunes & a zesty calamansi drizzle, the tangy flavours cuts the overall sweetness perfectly! πŸ‘πŸ»
Adorned with red currants & a delightful crunch of slivered almonds, this will surely steal the limelight 🌟 on your Christmas table! πŸ’―

You will not get sick of their specially curated range of gelato flavours on rotation! πŸ’― Simply mesmerised by the cute baby scoop atop the usual scoop! 😍 I got their classic Mint Chocolate Chip πŸ’š which was really refreshing! For my overscoop, I got the tangy Raspberry & Passionfruit boasting of fruity flavours. πŸ’—
I like how their waffles are crisp on the exterior! I went for their waffle with single scoop ($12), with the Brown Sugar Mochi Waffle (+$1) stealing my heart! 🀎

Tantalised by the colourful Teriyaki Overbowl ($12.80) πŸ₯— comprising teriyaki chicken πŸ”, cherry tomato πŸ…, pineapple 🍍, brown rice ramen 🍜, shredded carrots πŸ₯• & lettuce, drizzled with roasted sesame sauce. This will make a good light meal as the portion is not big. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Celebrate Christmas with Swensens's πŸ†•οΈ Snow Charlotte ($61/1kg) ice cream cake! πŸŽ‚
A non-alcoholic rendition suitable for all, be delighted with smoked oak tiramisu ice cream β˜•οΈπŸ¦, fenced by cocoa-coated sponge fingers all around. Topped with a velvety cream topping 🀍 & a sprinkle of chocolate shavings 🍫, this is certainly an icy sweet treat! ❄️

Rounded the night up with our favourite Goma ice cream ($5.90++) πŸ–€ at @hvala_sg! Love their 🍦, both the texture and earthiness of the black sesame are so on point.

Fans of beef must try their Hamburg ($18.80++) πŸ„! It's my first time getting their jumbo rendition ($25.80++), where the hamburg is at 300g instead of the usual 150g! Confirm shiok la! πŸ˜‹