This café is open on New Year’s day (01 Jan)! Decided to visit this café since we were in the area. The interior aesthetics are simple and classy, and the place is brightly lit with warm lighting. We popped in for brunch so here’s what we ordered:

• Small Breakfast (opted for scrambled eggs, and added on sautéed baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms and smoked salmon)
• Crab Meat Egg Benedict
• Black Panther cold brew
• Iced mint chocolate

Total bill: $57.20

The portion served for smoked salmon that I added on for my Small Breakfast is quite generous! Though I was slightly disappointed because I expected the baby spinach to be like creamy baby spinach – but that’s on me hahaha I’m not sure why I pictured creamy baby spinach when i read the sautéed baby spinach 😅 Love the crunch of the sourdough bread, it went very nicely with everything! The baby spinach is also nicely seasoned. My boyfriend was quite satisfied with his Crab Benedict too! Comes with ikura which is a nice touch. No comments for the cold brew since I can’t appreciate coffee, and as for the mint chocolate, it was thick and not too overpowering for the mint aftertaste. Price wise – typical café prices though it’s a bit on the pricey side for me 🥲 But I would still visit this place again!

Been a while since I’ve been here so my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip down for dinner! Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal is super worth it, quality food at an affordable price 😊

What’s on the table:
• BBQ baby pork ribs
• Seared prawn mentaiko pasta

Total bill: $31.20 (includes the service charge applicable on the complimentary item due to the café’s in-house policy)

The pork ribs were marinated & smoked really well! They were literally silky soft and fall-off-the-bone tender. The portion is very generous too! There’s like 7 baby ribs 💯 I quite like the sweet potato fries as well – perfect thickness, well-seasoned and with a light crisp crust.

The mentaiko pasta was very flavourful, it was a very nice medley of cod roe and prawn butter! Very generous portion of both pasta and chunky prawn bits. We both licked our plates clean (even the sauce!) 🤣

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Though I can’t say the same for their staff 🌚 Been here twice and during both times, the staff seemed a bit unfriendly 🥲 Oh wells. The açai is good though, would come back just for the açai! Here’s what I ordered:

Small soft serve (açai) - Comes with granola + 1 topping. I picked almond butter as my topping, and I added on another topping (cacao nibs)
Total price: $8

Definitely, ordering the Regular soft serve ($8.50) would be more worth but I was eating this alone so I didn’t want to order something I couldn’t finish! The Small portion is just nice for me. The staff is really generous with the nut butter and the toppings! The granola was also very nicely toasted and crunchy. My only gripe is that the granola & cacao nibs are buried under the soft serve swirl, I prefer to have an even spoonful of my açai together with all toppings 😅

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Was in the area today and decided to have brunch here! Here’s what we ordered:

• The Assembly Brunch (smoked salmon)
• Umami Prawn
• Osmanthus sencha
• Iced lemon tea

Not included in Burpple deal: Sweet & spicy pork bites (We added this on separately to share!)

Total bill: $47.10 (incl. GST & Service charge)

It’s not my first time here, I like their food and have been to both of their outlets a couple of times! My first time ordering their brunch option though – be warned that it is a VERY generous portion. My boyfriend couldn’t finish it 🥲 Have ordered the umami prawn a couple of times and it has always been consistently good! Hint of umami, butter and seafood. Portion was a little big today though. As for the sweet & spicy pork bites, I’m glad to announce that the reviews did not disappoint! It was crisp and juicy, and not very fatty. It paired very well with the kicap manis dip! (In fact, the kurobuta sausage from the brunch paired very well with the dip too)

Last but not least, the ice cooler osmanthus sencha was so good! (Can’t say the same about the iced lemon tea though) The drink was light and floral, and sweetened perfectly with honey. I really enjoyed this drink 👍🏼

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Finally made a trip down to try out the pratas after hearing all the good reviews for this place! After seeing Mr Mohgan’s passing in the news, and Mrs Mohgan continuing on with running the stall, we thought we’d come down to show some support for the business too. Thankfully their Google Maps location is finally updated (was wrongly directed to the stall helmed by the kitchen assistant the other time). Mrs Mohgan is a very friendly lady and the order taking was quite smooth 👍🏼

What’s on the table:
• Coin prata (6 pcs)
• Kosong x3
• Egg x3
• Plaster

Total price paid: ~$20+ (inclusive of our takeaway orders of cheese egg prata, kosong x2, egg and mutton curry)

The coin prata is just like kosong, but mini form! They were super crispy and paired with the thick flavourful curry, it was just chef’s kiss 😚👌🏼 Egg prata isn’t as crispy but it is soft and pillowy! Plaster prata is just as good – crispy kosong prata with fried egg, and the yolk is runny 💯 We came at around 11am+, not much queue and we got our order within 15 mins!

Will definitely re-visit this place again 😊

Came across this café while walking towards Tin Yeang Restaurant nearby to have Mr and Mrs Mohgan Crispy Roti Prata for brunch! It’s super nearby, just diagonally across from Tin Yeang. After looking at the sparse reviews on Burpple/food blogs, I decided to give it a try. Please note that it is no longer gratuity-based – they now have fixed prices on their menu. Didn’t really take note of the individual prices but I paid $28 in total for the below:

• White (hot)
• Iced White
• Iced Matcha Latte
• Iced Hojicha Latte (as pictured)

Drinks come with sippy lids (no straws) and you may opt for a tray for takeaway orders (don’t think they provide carriers for takeaway). As seen from the various reviews, the drinks came unsweetened. I personally found it quite refreshing despite the lack of sweetener/sugar and the milk was able to fully bring out the roasted notes of the hojicha powder. Consistency of the drink is smooth and not grainy at all 👍🏼 I would recommend the non-coffee lattes to be consumed on the spot as, without straws, the powder sedimentation accumulates at the bottom of the drink over time and you have no way of stirring the drink. No other comments for the other drinks other than the Iced White which my boyfriend had, and his review is that it’s “one of the nicer coffees around” so make of that what you will!

Tried the iced matcha latte here and it has a very smooth consistency and texture! No grainy matcha bits, and first sip hits you with the tangy matcha taste though it isn’t very overwhelming. The drink is a little on the sweeter side but I find that it complements the drink well. Plus points for aesthetics! Ombré tones and sprinkling of matcha powder on the top ✨ I think this might be my third favourite matcha latte!

Price: $7.50

Second time having this! Although it’s my first time tweaking the sweetness level to my preferred level. Opted for Half Sugar and felt that it suits my preferred sweetness level just fine :-) Sukiya’s matcha latte has a grainy powdery texture and the milky taste is more pronounced! The matcha tones, not so much. The consistency also feels a bit thicker. Not much complaints though considering the affordable price point! Great for a quick fix if you have craving for matcha latte 👍🏼

Price: $4.50 (incl. GST)

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Tried out the matcha latte from this café and I think this is currently my 2nd favourite cuppa (with the first being the matcha latte from JW360°!)

The consistency is smooth and milky, and the sweetness is just right. It’s pretty hard to get the sweetness of matcha latte right to suit my preferred sweetness, but The Kins’ nailed it! You could also tastes the bitter roasted undertones of the matcha but it isn’t too overpowering. Overall, I thought this is a pretty well-balanced matcha latte. Wished the portion size was bigger but other than that, I’m quite satisfied with it 😋

Price: $6 (can’t remember if there’s GST/service charge)

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Made a visit to this restaurant and did not know what to expect as someone who has not tried Middle Eastern food before (unless you count those Turkish kebabs that we buy at pasar malams). Pored over Burpple reviews to decide what to order and everything turned out great! Absolutely went beyond and exceeded my expectations.

What’s on the table:
(L-R in clockwise order)
• Chicken Kabsa
• Lamb Mandi
• Lamb Kofta
• Chicken Kofta
• Strawberry Aryan (not pictured)
• Kunafa (not pictured)

Total bill: $87.55 after using 1-for-1 Mains deal on Entertainer

The meats are very flavourful, everything just goes very well together in the spice mix that they use to marinate the meats! As someone who has a saltier palate, this hits all the right spots. I had the Chicken Kofta and it came with two dips – one spicy dip and one garlic dip (which we all thought is yogurt-based initially but it’s not) and oh my gosh, you MUST request for the garlic dip if you love garlic. This dip goes very well with the meats I don’t know why they only included it with the Chicken Kofta!!!!! We requested for an additional garlic dip and the staff very kindly gave it to us 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I am not great with spicy stuff so the spicy dip was a little 🥵 for me but it’s still good (and nothing cold water can’t quench 🤣) My friends and I shared the Strawberry Aryan and the Kunafa and they’re really unlike anything we’ve tried! The Strawberry Aryan was tart and sweet, and the tanginess likely came from Greek yogurt. It’s quite nice! As for the Kunafa, it came as a slim fried pancake with crispy bits on the outside. It comes with sugar syrup and cream, and you definitely need to eat the kunafa with both of them! It really elevates the taste of the whole thing. It’s a very sinful dessert but I would say it is worth every single calorie! 😋

All of our plates were super clean after we were done with our meal, if you know what I mean. We all had a very satisfying meal 💯💯💯


Was discussing with a colleague about matcha lattes a few weeks back and she recommended Hvala to me, and so I tried it today while I was in the area!

What I ordered: Yuki (premium grade) matcha latte
Price: $7.38 (after GST)

The matcha had a bit of a roasted flavour to it, which was pretty interesting! The texture and consistency of the matcha latte tended more towards the grainy side which is not what I usually prefer but nevertheless this is still an excellent cup of matcha latte! Super aesthetic looking as well, with the lovely dark green colour of the matcha contrasting with the bright white colour of the fresh milk.

My bf and I were hunting for coffee places in the Kovan vicinity and chanced upon this café which was thankfully open on CNY day 2!

Here’s what we got:
• Iced café latte ($6)
• Iced matcha latte ($6.50)

I had the matcha latte and it was thick and you can really taste the matcha powder and milk! Texture-wise it’s a little on the thicker side for my liking but it’s still a very decent cup of matcha latte. This is a Korean café and they have mains and brunch items as well, would definitely come back to try them!

Pro-tip: Prices of the drinks are the same on Grab so if you’re just getting drinks to go, order them via Grab and use the self-pick up Grab offer to get the drinks at a cheaper price!