Matcha Latte 🍵

Matcha Latte 🍵

Drinking my way through SG, one matcha latte at a time 🇯🇵🍵
Mei Ting
Mei Ting

Tried the iced matcha latte here and it has a very smooth consistency and texture! No grainy matcha bits, and first sip hits you with the tangy matcha taste though it isn’t very overwhelming. The drink is a little on the sweeter side but I find that it complements the drink well. Plus points for aesthetics! Ombré tones and sprinkling of matcha powder on the top ✨ I think this might be my third favourite matcha latte!

Price: $7.50

Second time having this! Although it’s my first time tweaking the sweetness level to my preferred level. Opted for Half Sugar and felt that it suits my preferred sweetness level just fine :-) Sukiya’s matcha latte has a grainy powdery texture and the milky taste is more pronounced! The matcha tones, not so much. The consistency also feels a bit thicker. Not much complaints though considering the affordable price point! Great for a quick fix if you have craving for matcha latte 👍🏼

Price: $4.50 (incl. GST)

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Tried out the matcha latte from this café and I think this is currently my 2nd favourite cuppa (with the first being the matcha latte from JW360°!)

The consistency is smooth and milky, and the sweetness is just right. It’s pretty hard to get the sweetness of matcha latte right to suit my preferred sweetness, but The Kins’ nailed it! You could also tastes the bitter roasted undertones of the matcha but it isn’t too overpowering. Overall, I thought this is a pretty well-balanced matcha latte. Wished the portion size was bigger but other than that, I’m quite satisfied with it 😋

Price: $6 (can’t remember if there’s GST/service charge)

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Was discussing with a colleague about matcha lattes a few weeks back and she recommended Hvala to me, and so I tried it today while I was in the area!

What I ordered: Yuki (premium grade) matcha latte
Price: $7.38 (after GST)

The matcha had a bit of a roasted flavour to it, which was pretty interesting! The texture and consistency of the matcha latte tended more towards the grainy side which is not what I usually prefer but nevertheless this is still an excellent cup of matcha latte! Super aesthetic looking as well, with the lovely dark green colour of the matcha contrasting with the bright white colour of the fresh milk.

My bf and I were hunting for coffee places in the Kovan vicinity and chanced upon this café which was thankfully open on CNY day 2!

Here’s what we got:
• Iced café latte ($6)
• Iced matcha latte ($6.50)

I had the matcha latte and it was thick and you can really taste the matcha powder and milk! Texture-wise it’s a little on the thicker side for my liking but it’s still a very decent cup of matcha latte. This is a Korean café and they have mains and brunch items as well, would definitely come back to try them!

Pro-tip: Prices of the drinks are the same on Grab so if you’re just getting drinks to go, order them via Grab and use the self-pick up Grab offer to get the drinks at a cheaper price!

Gave Dal.komm’s green tea latte a try, and the latte is quite sweet with a milky taste! It’s a good option if you would like a decent matcha latte but it’s nothing very special.

Pro-tip, order via Grab’s 25% self-pick up (if it’s still available)

Total price paid: $5.62

Ordered this after my onsen experience! Drink comes in an aesthetic rounded jar and serving size is good too. After factoring in the service charge and GST, I paid $5.65 for the drink!

As stated in the name, hokkaido milk is used which already, in my opinion, elevates the taste of the matcha latte. Sweetness is also just right! Would have preferred a bit more matcha powder to be added, but other than that I’m quite satisfied with the drink. Hits all the right spots for me – milky, smooth and with the slight bitter taste of matcha evenly mixed with the hokkaido milk!

Plus point, café staff very kindly helped me to transfer the remaining drink that I couldn’t finish to a takeaway cup at no extra surcharge 👍🏼

Ordered this via Grab self pick-up, and got 25% off + additional 15% off (with a $2 min. order)! Paid a total of $6.14 for the drink.

It’s a little sweet for my liking and the consistency of the drink is on the thicker side. Matcha powder doesn’t dissolve much when mixed with the fresh milk. Flavour profile is more on the milky side so if you like milky + thick consistency this could be your jam! Decent matcha latte at a reasonable price 👍🏼

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