Strong brew coffee that is slightly acidic, not bitter; well-balanced coffee to milk ratio; love the cute latte art..

Broccolini is grilled to slightly charred outside, resulting in a smoky taste with crunchy bite; love that it came with a touch of lemon zest that balance out the slightly bitter charred taste; topped with crushed hazelnuts which added some crunch to the dish..

Rich, fragrant & flavorful curry with pieces of tender boneless chicken, potatoes & taupok in sourdough bread bowl; bread is soft & fluffy inside, lightly crisp outside; staff accede to our request for some curry sauce to dip the bread "cover" as all the sauce were absorbed into the bread bowl; another atas curry chicken with bread good to try..

Rice is flavorful & soft with right amount of moisture; love the slightly charred base in the claypot; boneless chicken thigh is tender & thinly sliced; topped with spring onions & ginger; with a small cup of rich chicken consommé; love the housemade chilli which is perfect for the dish & not too spicy; atas chicken rice good to try..

WHITE COFFEE: Strong brew double ristretto with fresh milk; not overly milky, acidic or bitter..
MATCHA RASPBERRY: Green tea with fresh milk & raspberry puree; love that the green tea is rich & not overly milky; raspberry puree, though taste not significant, is mildly sweet which complement the mildly bitter green tea taste; good for trying..

Lady finger is soft & fluffy, rich with espresso & kahlua taste; topped with a layer of creamy mascarpone & slight bitter cocoa powder; addictive & not too sweet; still taste as good as before; not a fan of coffee but the rare few tiramisu that I enjoy..

Sous vide chicken leg that is tender & succulent; pumpkin puree is smooth & light; came with fried kale, popping pickled mustard caviar, juicy & soft confit tomatoes; simple & light dish..

Al-dente squid ink pasta tossed in flavorful & umami rich prawn bisque sauce; right amount of sauce to coat every strand; came with 3 fresh & crunchy medium sized tiger prawn; topped with rocket & shaved cheese; worth a try..

Opted for taro yam & muah chee ice cream; taro ice cream is light & fragrant; muah chee ice cream tasted akin to peanut ice cream; came with 2 popiah skin, crushed peanuts, coriander & pair of gloves; tastes nothing special though the wrapping experience is enjoyable..

Squid is huge, fresh & crunchy; sauce is flavorful & thick; with a bowl of soft fluffy rice, pickled cucumbers, tofu with century egg, & onsen egg; good for sharing..

Enoki mushroom is lightly battered & deep fried to crispy; taste nothing special..

Generous portion of soft & chewy noodles in flavorful & rich broth; several pieces of well-braised beef which is tender with no gamey taste; worth a try..