Strong brew coffee with nutty after-taste, slightly bitter; balanced milk ratio..

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Opted for black rice based waffle; waffle is lightly crispy outside & fluffy inside which came with black glutinous rice taste; topped with fresh blueberries & strawberries then drzzled with strawberry sauce & granola; came with more strawberry sauce at the side..

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Sourdough ciabatta toast is very soft & fluffy; topped with mashed avocado, mushroom, cherry tomatoes & sprinkled with sesame seeds; taste light & refreshing; with fresh greens tossed with sesame dressing & granola at the side..

Fluffy scrambled eggs with crunchy shrimps, baby spinach & mayo sandwiched between 2 pieces of thin lightly crisp tortilla; simple & appetizing; with fresh greens topped with coleslaw & granola at the side..

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Well-balanced coffee to milk ratio; not bitter or acidic..

Soft version chocolate chips cookie topped with yam paste & soft pumpkin cubes; felt there's too many different tastes ongoing in a mouth; opted for pistachio ice cream which is not too sweet & balance out the tastes; best for sharing as may get surfeiting..

Brioche bread is soft & fluffy, not too buttery, came with a layer of mentaiko sauce; topped with avocado slices, layers of soft folded egg, ikura & furikake; love how well the tastes of each ingredients complement one another; add on smoked salmon to further enhance the tastes of dish; worth a try..

Generous portion of al-dente pasta in cream sauce; sauce is rich with seafood flavours, mild spicy & not overly creamy; came with fresh clams & grilled tiger prawns; well-executed dish worth a try & best for sharing..

Decent cup of strong brew coffee, not bitter or acidic; with rose syrup..

Rice is well-cooked to soft with chewy bite; surprisingly light, not overly creamy & mildly sweet; topped with mushrooms, green peas & parmesan; comforting bowl of risotto worth a try..

Meat is tender & succulent with smoky & sweet taste akin to char siew; opted for potato salad & brussel sprouts; potato salad came with chunks of potatoes, crunchy cucumbers, onions, dill & mayo; it is refreshing & addictive; brussel sprouts is boiled & mixed with bacon; worth a try..

Al-dente pasta tossed in seafood broth; broth is flavorful & rich with seafood taste; with various of fresh seafood (prawn, mussels, baby squid, scallops & chunks of crab meat); topped with fried minced garlic..