They have 2 kinds of tart bases: a Hong Kong style layered one vs a Western style biscuit one. I actually can't tell the difference between the two. The Hong Kong one would be better if it were more layered, flaky and airy. The Western one would be better with some salt crumbs rubbed in and more butter. Main redeeming factor is the smooth, bouncy egg custard. Overall, decent but not my favourite.

Price: $1.50 per piece

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The name sounds a little extravagant, but the drink itself is simple and satisfying. Love me a good oolong milk tea. I do think Liho's milk teas have improved a lot since their early days, and taste quite quality now.

Price: $4.30 for large

Love their fresh sashimi. Portion was pretty filling, and they didn't skimp on the sashimi/ingredients. Felt that the rice was drenched in soy sauce - would be better to leave the rice plain/lightly tossed with mirin vinegar, and leave customers to dip the fish in soy sauce on the side as they wish. Apart from that, great value and would order this again.

Price: $15.90

You can choose from various meat including fish, chicken, pork, steak, and to get them as burritos/quesadillas. I got the steak quesadilla, which was warm and cheesy, with chunks of juicy steak. Affordable, with decent portions and a chill ambience.

Their brittle plastic forks, however, are a no go. I broke 2 forks and had to keep asking for more. Everyone else around me also kept breaking their forks hahahaha they need proper utensils.

Price: $13

Not many places offer escargots in Singapore, but I do think theirs is one of the better ones I've had (even compared to restaurants overseas). Snails may sound really odd, but when cooked in luscious garlic parsley butter, served warm and eaten with an open mind, they're actually quite yummy.

Price: $11.90

Was very pleased to find that I can get their burgers delivered. I swear by their shroom burgers - soft, pillowy buns with fresh lettuce and tomato, and a crispy breaded portobello mushroom filled with flowy, molten cheese. So good.

Price: $10.80

We really enjoyed this dish. The fried silken tofu is so soft, and gives way when your eager utensils reach in to cut a piece. The minced meat sauce is flavourful, and coats every chunk of tofu that you manage to lay your hands on. You best be quick because it won't be uneaten for long!

Price: $13.80 (for small, pictured here)

I'm a sucker for fried youtiao stuffed with prawn paste and dipped in sinful salad cream. Loved that they took the care to pack the salad cream and chicken floss separately, so the fried dough fritters remained crispy.

Price: $13 (for small portion)

I usually order cereal prawns or salted egg sotong, so this was something different. Really enjoyed the crisp bite of the cereal flakes, and the light buttery flavour. The squid was tender and not overcooked at all (as squid so often is). Really well done.

Price: $15.80

One of my favourite ramen places by far. Really affordable, flavourful ramen in the heart of Orchard Road. A hidden gem, in my humble opinion. I always get the Japan (regular) size because I'm greedy, and it's super filling! They are really generous with their noodles and beansprouts too.

Price: $12 (regular), 10.80 (small)

Our favourite cheat dish is the roast chicken from the supermarket. Both NTUC and Cold Storage sell very reasonably priced roast chicken, often in multiple flavours: think black pepper, honey etc. Not much of a secret as I always see it flying off the shelves, but you have to try if you've never bought it before!

Price: $5.90

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They are very generous with the ingredients. Fresh juicy salmon chunks over thin spaghetti twirls, drenched in creamy mentaiko sauce.

The tobiko on top added a nice crunch to every bite. Would like to try their salmon mentai don next time as I do think plain fluffy rice may complement their flavourful (albeit slightly salty) mentaiko sauce better.

Price: $18 (1-for-1 mains with @burpple beyond)