I must also mention the trio of appetisers we started with: a fresh, zingy salad, a little cube of fish jelly, and a comforting braised wagyu in red miso which left me wanting more.

The meal concluded with miso soup – could've done with slightly less salt – and a refreshing plum shiso leaf sorbet.

You'd be hard-pressed to find an omakase meal as value-for-money as Miraku's 15 Course Lunch ($68).

Expect hints of citrus and a myriad of delightful textures. Portions are on the smaller side, but the meal left me feeling satiated. It was, to put it simply, "just nice",

I could go on and on about the gloriously fatty ootoro – marbled, pink, and pale – and the smooth and luscious mouthfeel of the wagyu sukiyaki with onsen egg.

But of course, how could I not wax lyrical about the pièce de résistance, uni nigiri? It was akin to an ocean's kiss, its briny sweetness unparalleled by any other.

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"Why would I visit a bar and order indomie when I can make it at home?"

Well, FRESH indomie is key to the Suprmee ($12), a solid bowl of noodles that serves as both a hangover cure and reliable drinking companion. Umami is its middle name, which I assume can be attributed to the "secret seasoning".

So unless you're the kind who jazzes up your regular instant indomie with onsen tamago, braised chicken, and chicarron (fried pork rinds), this just isn't the same!

Give the K.F.C. ($3.50) a miss and go for a side or two, like the Browned Cauliflower ($7) with a siiiiick miso butter glaze and furikake.

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I headed straight for the Mint and Brown Butter Sage ($8 for double scoop). The former, studded with cacao nibs, was fresh and delicate; it didn't fall prey to the unfortunate "this tastes like toothpaste" remark.

The latter has certainly gripped the attention of many with its uncommon yet comforting flavour profile and subtle herbaceousness. In a time when botanical ice creams rule, a little sweetness goes a long way indeed.

The same can be said for the Coffee & Cocoa ($4.90 for single scoop), reminiscent of Kopiko Coffee Candy and/or nostalgia in textures.

And finally, what a memorable flavour the Soursop Mint ($5.90 for premium single scoop) was! Despite being one of the more unique, dairy-free options out there, it's refreshing on the palate, and manages to retain a certain creaminess.

My friend couldn't stop gushing over the cones – they're on the salty side, which we absolutely love. Brownie points for balance.

Being both dense AND thick ain't a problem when you're the Chocolate Stuffed ($23).

These chocolate-stuffed pancakes adorned with cream cheese, oreo crumbs, berries, and vanilla bean ice cream will make anyone with a sweet tooth swoon.

I didn't order this for myself, but I figured it was too fabulous (and filling) to not mention.

We're all familiar with the Spiced scrambled ($18) and Eggstraordinary eggs & snags ($24), the latter of which arrived with, uh, overcooked yolks, but there's been little talk about the Salmon, pistachio, rosti ($25).

Every component of this pricey, pescatarian-friendly option was pretty much on point. What's not to like about pistachio-crusted salmon, cooked to perfection, perched atop a crisp and golden brown disc of potato rosti?

Well, the watercress and rocket salad could've merely existed in all its stark rawness, if not for the uplifting citrus mint mayo.

This is ideal if you want something that straddles the line in between "indulgent" and "healthy".

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After being swept off my feet by British Indian food in London, I've been trying to expose myself to more of what South Asia has to offer.

I was introduced to a proper dosai only today, at none other than the legendary Komala Vilas chain. Sure enough, I took an instant liking to the crisp and "tangy" Paper Dosai ($4.40), served with a simple trio of sambar and chutney.

Dosai will appear in my dreams tonight.

On a disgustingly hot afternoon like today, all I require is a Classic yog' ($5.50 for two with Burpple Beyond).

Picked strawberries and glorious, glorious matcha sauce for my toppings, duh! 🥰

Having lusted over Keong Saik Bakery's Matcha Burnt Cheesecake ($8) for the longest time, my heart leapt when I finally got to try it here.

You've seen the reviews – people go gaga for this silky and creamy confection, infused with just the right amount of bitterness. It may not be the most "BURNT" of burnt cheesecakes you'll come across, but it's no biggie, really.

Let it sit for a few minutes if you prefer a soft and melty texture. Oh, and I hate to be Captain Obvious, but burnt cheesecake pairs magically with thick black coffee. I love it.

The Chick'n Shack ($9.20) has finally graced our shores. I sneaked a bite, and found it to be a generally agreeable chicken burger. Some find it too salty, but I say, try it for yourselves. I’m no chicken burg’ connoisseur, so trust your taste buds.

Out of the three Concretes, only the Eye of The Tiger ($7.50) was in stock. We were greeted with a messy-looking vanilla custard blended with lychee, raspberry, shortbread, and a sprinkling of lemon zest. Think raspberry ripple. That is all.

What did I have? Well, I'm all about the 'Shroom Burger ($10.80), baby. The Shack Stack ($14.30) used to have my heart, but the beef no longer does it for me.

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The Tiger-Infused Crispy Baby Sotong ($15.80) is a definite crowd-pleaser. It’s crispy! It’s caramelised! Duh.

Ok cool, BUT I couldn’t stop snacking on the Salt Pepper Crispy Shrimps with Curry Leaves ($14.80). They were a little spicy and a little salty – the perfect antidote to a long, exhausting flight.

So you’re scrolling through Instagram, and you notice everyone ordering the Wok-fried King Prawn White Bee Hoon ($18.80). Follow suit, and you’ll be greeted by a surprisingly lovely wok hei, loads of fried pork lard and two sizeable King prawns.

If you’re like me, and prefer your bee hoon/hokkien mee wetter with more “zhup”, this would be right up your alley. Portion could be bigger though.