I headed straight for the Mint and Brown Butter Sage ($8 for double scoop). The former, studded with cacao nibs, was fresh and delicate; it didn't fall prey to the unfortunate "this tastes like toothpaste" remark.

The latter has certainly gripped the attention of many with its uncommon yet comforting flavour profile and subtle herbaceousness. In a time when botanical ice creams rule, a little sweetness goes a long way indeed.

The same can be said for the Coffee & Cocoa ($4.90 for single scoop), reminiscent of Kopiko Coffee Candy and/or nostalgia in textures.

And finally, what a memorable flavour the Soursop Mint ($5.90 for premium single scoop) was! Despite being one of the more unique, dairy-free options out there, it's refreshing on the palate, and manages to retain a certain creaminess.

My friend couldn't stop gushing over the cones – they're on the salty side, which we absolutely love. Brownie points for balance.