This definitely isn’t a breakfast with Tiffany affair - the prices are much too pocket friendly, for one. Being set in a humble coffeeshop at Upper Serangoon, they manage to pull off breakfast sets under $10 and that’s a definite draw.

The rösti and sausages I had were decent, though I’ve definitely had better rostis - it felt as though the heat of their pan was too high and though it produced a nice char, the insides were not fully cooked. The sausage was great, no complaints there.

If you’re not picky about ambience and live close enough that this isn’t a huge trek for you, I’d recommend a visit here.

8/10 food wasn’t bad enough to deter me from coming back to give the others a try!

Visited Kurama in the evening for yakitori and drinks. The highlight was the Tsukune and the Miso Eggplant. The Tsukune had perfectly blended chicken rolled into a nice hand patty, lying in teriyaki sauce with an option to break the raw egg and coat it in yolk.

Adding the yolk imparted a silky dimension to it as you swallow it.

Kurama also has extensive alcohol options, being a sake bar. It adopts a casual yakitori / sake bar in Tokyo style but its prices are anything but. There are other lovely izakayas in Singapore that I’ve been to that are a fraction of the cost, and high end sushi omakase places I’d rather splurge on.

5/10 would rather explore other places but this isn’t bad for a date night

Meet4Meat markets itself as a go-to for budget gourmet meats and handmade pasta options. Located at Brunner’s Coffeeshop, Meet 4 Meat is the brainchild of Chef Gerald and Head Chef Jimmy, the former of the duo being an ex-chef in Wooloomooloo Steakhouse.

Having visited multiple times and tried a variety of their offerings, I would strongly recommend their Lamb Cutlet, the Pork Tomahawk or their signature Beef Wellington ($28). If you don’t mind the bustling atmosphere by the roadside, this Beef Wellington is as good as you’ll get at any restaurant. Mind you, add a foie gras and perfection is achieved 💋

9/10 will definitely be back.

Ordered the strong white ($5) but didn’t feel it was particularly strong 😅 the coffee was alright, it didn’t leave any particular aftertaste and it wasn’t too acidic.

Managed to get a Cloud dessert, which was meant to be a berry coulis surrounded by a white chocolate mousse on a shortbread. It reminded me of a unsweetened meringué, sadly didn’t live up to its visual impact.

Staff were friendly and I did particularly like the service provided even if the food and drink didn’t particularly wow.

Tying the knot between handcrafted designer furniture and food, Knots Café and Living is what I would term an instagrammable space, filled with greenery and designed to let light flood in beautifully. Unsurprising, as the owners of this cafe also own the local florist chain Sitting in here felt like I was in an oasis and hidden away in time - sadly though, with the current situation which requires social distancing measures, diners are limited to 90 minutes.

The flaky layered texture of the croissant was on point, and harmonised well with the silky scrambled eggs. The bacon seemed a little extra, but it was cooked the way I liked it - juicy crispy. The iced dirty chai was lovely, especially when made with oat milk as requested.

My only gripe was that the tables also gripped onto our phones, paper napkins and just about everything - tables were sticky and felt dirty. Not sure I’d be back because it’s not the most convenient of places for a 90 minute sitting, despite being a 500m distance from MacPherson mrt station.

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Coffee meets bagels in this New York styled Bagel joint. Fresh hand-rolled dough is boiled before being baked in a multitude of ways - the variety of bagels will delight your heart and possibly break into prayer for this hol(e)y roll.

They have pre-made selections for you to choose from, as well as customisable options. Portion sizes are good, albeit a little pricey, but the ingredients are undeniably fresh.

Their cold brew coffees are also strong(ly recommended).

IG: @eatswithclarey

The fish is amazingly buttery and falls off in flaky pieces. It’s definitely fatty and you can appreciate the texture from the very first bite. It’s essentially grilled cod fish with sweet sauce, and accompanied with sides that complemented the dish very well. Would highly recommend this particular fish from Nakahima Suisan. Definitely worth it for the price!

Haakon offers the option to DIY your own protein bowls. On my many visits, I’ve always found their ingredients to be extremely fresh and up to scratch. I added a salmon sashimi, half an avocado, roasted pumpkin and garlic flakes on a quinoa base. Their bowls are utterly delicious and the coffees they serve pretty good as well.

Their grilled octopus with peppers are finished in the same wood fired oven that the Amo crew use for their pizzas, lending it a charred edge but magically also retaining the juices. Would definitely have this dish again should I return!

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Their custard bun (流沙包) was to die for, and the congee really hits the spot in rainy weather. Service could be a bit better, but the food is really value for money and I’d definitely make a return trip.

Scotch eggs are amazing, Heineken is creamy and smooth - and their assistant manager Andy is a gem! Would definitely be back.

This is a really welcoming and open space with a great service team and really good coffee. Their food offerings are pretty standard, but I’d happily sit here with a coffee and chat the day away with a friend or two. Definitely my fave neighbourhood coffee spot.