Very enjoyable meal at value prices.
The beef burger would not have been out of place at a higher end location.

Highly recommend their aglio olio pasta as a side. You'd be happy to have that as a main dish as well.
Most western places give you overcooked pasta with a drizzle of olive oil, but skinny chef's was full of flavour.

Silence is golden chicken is their specialty, but i found it normal compared to their beef burger and pork chops.

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Relaxing chill vibes.
They even have sofas too
Cant comment about the ice cream as we had alcohol.
12.90 for a bottle of soju, 3 for 30.

Its on the 2nd floor, so take note

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Enjoyed the biang biang noodles. Each strand was well coated with the tasty sauce.

A bowl of noodles costs between 6 to 7.50 each.
Beer was 6 dollars a bottle.
Cold vegetables are available too (imagine cold mala vegetables)

No english menu available, so ask the staff to recommend. If needed.

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Great dining experience with very friendly service. Felt like it was a fine dining place.

If you can, request to sit in the outdoor area on the second floor as that had a slightly nicer view.

Enjoyed the tiramisu. Good, robust flavour, without the baileys being overly powerful.

They also serve bread as a starter.

Will come again.

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Wide variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes.
Both western and asian cuisine.
Pretty decent value too.

Be warned that their spicy items can have a kick

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Good value food. Duck tasted great, with good crisp on the skin.

Excellent service too. I appreciated how they got a high chair and childrens utensils when we requested for a high chair.

Would recommend you make a reservation as it can be quite a long wait for walk ins.

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Pancakes are light and fluffy, and good sized portions too. I enjoyed the plain pancakes

This place is halal certified so you can bring your muslim friends too.

Water is served here.

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5 dollars for a kolo mee.
A bit on the high side since its pretty much just minced meat and charsiew.

But gotta acknowledge the noodles has good amount of bite, plus the minced meat is well marinated.

Seems like its the only place arnd the area which has aircon and chinese food.

Close to the multi story carpark.

Food was alright. Had the nasi lemak, 5.50 for rice, ikan bilis and peanuts, 1 otah, 1 luncheon meat, and achar.

Rice was a bit wet, but chilli was good.

Changed their name to dim sum, and every thing is $1.50 now.

Still represents fantastic value.

I ordered the mee pok, and it had a great balance of vinegar and chilli. Interesting to have half a shitake mushroom too. And you get an egg drop in your soup too, as if you're eating xiao wan mian.

Can be a bit confusing to know what you're ordering because the dishes are called "father", "brother" "grandmother" etc etc noodles

Soup is tasty and rich.

Wide variety of choices. Good value for money, especially since the rest of the stalls in this coffeeshop are charging a lot more