It's more than just rice
Muffin Man
Muffin Man

Good value food. Duck tasted great, with good crisp on the skin.

Excellent service too. I appreciated how they got a high chair and childrens utensils when we requested for a high chair.

Would recommend you make a reservation as it can be quite a long wait for walk ins.

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Seems like its the only place arnd the area which has aircon and chinese food.

Close to the multi story carpark.

Food was alright. Had the nasi lemak, 5.50 for rice, ikan bilis and peanuts, 1 otah, 1 luncheon meat, and achar.

Rice was a bit wet, but chilli was good.

Changed their name to dim sum, and every thing is $1.50 now.

Still represents fantastic value.

I had to remind myself to add some vegetables, because every thing was the same price, regardless whether its meat or tofu or vegetables.

Very wide range of items, including smoked duck, spinach noodles and cheese hot dogs.

Prefer the soup one as the dry version isnt cooked together with the mala. You basically pour the sauce over it.

The mala crayfish had a very good kick to it. But they dont have shell breaking utensils, so prepare to get your hands dirty.

Very pleased that the restaurant provided gloves and tissues to wipe away your sweat from the mala.

Good value especially with the 1 for 1. Love being able to mix my sauces and side dishes.

Impressed that they had peanuts and kimchi.

Tip: there's a 1 for 1 deal which also gives you a free drink if you pay by UOB

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Good range of meats and seafood. Liked that the meats were nicely marinated.

Probably had the marinated meats more than the shabu shabu ones since it was so tasty.

Take note that the soup base isnt one for one. But they do allow you to go beyond the 90min limit if its not crowded

Wished i had taken a pic of the selection.

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My family loved the fried rice here. Every grain well tossed with flavour and wok hey. Could tell it wasnt the lumpy rice used.

Staff also gave us longevity buns when they realised we were celebrating a birthday.

Forget sweechoon. Come here for late night dim sum supper as this place is open 24hours
What's to argue when it costs $1.30 per dish?

2 Meat platter ($24++)

Old HK Kitchen has a dish which allows you to select 2 of their bbq meats instead of settling for 1 or ordering 2 separate dishes. We loved how crispy the duck skin was. The char siew is also a good option for those who prefer lean meats. Despite it having less than usual fat, there was still plenty of flavour in the char siew.

Available on burpple beyond.

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Pan-fried beef ribs with honey pepper sauce ($25++)

Not only was each piece nicely marinated with the honey pepper sauce, each piece of beef extremely tender too.

A pity that this dish is hidden in the middle of their menu, and stuck on the 4th item on its page so not many people know about this.

Mushroom herb sea bass ($32++)
Good option for those who dont like spicy grilled fish.

Dish has plenty of mushrooms but no vegetables so you'll need to purchase more if you want. fish has a good amount of meat in it.

How do you take nice photos when you're hungry?

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