Organic, and handmade pasta!

Which this restaurant boast about their handmade pasta, I’m not quite sure about the taste.

At the price point of SGD$33, I’m not sure it’s worth every cent. A little bland, with the only saving grace of the pork jowl.

Fancy but I’ll skip!

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@bar.celona.sixbatteryroad, serve pretty amazing tapas, that pair so well with their yummy Cava & Spanish wine.

Ribeye cubes with mashed potatoes, is something you can’t go wrong with! Thick, juicy, and nicely charred.

And bar.celona plush setting, against the Singapore River & Asian Civilisation Museum, is a constant my to-go location for some happy hour, amazing tapas, and great view.

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Sundays ☀️

Croque Madame; the perfect Sunday sandwich with free-flow of mimosa. ($15/2 hours)

Tell me who doesn’t like orange bubbly, to fight off a sweltering Sunday!

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Hidden in Sembawang Hill, lies à restaurant that simply looked different from the rest. After so many restaurant trying to make the corner work, Social Smoker came and settle down to make their name as the laidback “bad boy” of meat.

Juicy, tender, and falling off the bone; the meat is well seasoned & well cooked.

Beef Brisket was my personal favourite; tender and meaty. And the pork ribs was my least favourite; only because I don’t think the classic American BBQ sauce did any justice go the very much flavourful meat (sauce on the side would be better).


The spice level for this Peranakan restaurant is slightly above kids level, so the it’s safe for expat crowd and children. I feel it’s more tomato-sweetness than spicy, but the flavours are great. Just ask for their belachan chili, and it will give you a nice punch in the gut (in a good way).

Avoid the otah, isn’t our favourite on the menu, and go for the assam fish, and ginger chicken! Oh the sotong is sedap, it was polished off quick!

Please note that you need a lot of carbs, for this heavily sauced restaurant. You will not regret the extra calories/ carbs.

We liked the chendol, but overpriced. Stick to hawker chendol, where some serve a mean-ass chendol!

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KBBQ in any sense would never go wrong; a great cut, live cooking, and great panchan. It is pretty much a standardised, never go wrong business. But never in my life have I walked into a straight into a kbbq, where by they control the number of servings (max. 2 servings) of their side dishes & lettuces! I was appalled, and the new owners (singaporean chinese owned), do not give a hoot about service too. The rushed meals, and quick cooking (the meat were raw, when the staff insisted that we have to eat now), left the whole family a bad after taste! I did not enjoy the lack of Korean hospitality, leaving us going off, without ordering seconds. Don’t even get me started on their poorly made panchans. Save your stomachs, don’t bother coming here.

Firm, non-fishy, absolutely amazing. I love this izakaya place for its great food that goes so well with their alcohol menu, and extensive range of sake and sochu.

Well-made beef bowl, a tad small for people with growing stomach. The wagyu are nicely grilled and charred. Onsen egg could be a little more runny, so that I can coat every single grain. They are quick in the service, so that’s a major plus point for people who wants a quick meal. They have an extensive list of alcohol.

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Well-seasoned, savoury and absolutely delightful. You wouldn’t feel like the dish is absolutely vegan. Perfect for that Sunday lunch and great for sharing, although I doubt you would, once you have that 1st bite. I prefer the sesame tortilla over the corn tortilla. But nonetheless this twin set is absolutely lovely!


Robust, and umami, this dish delights your sense like you’re going to take dive into the ocean. The grilled lobster is soft and tender, with a very so slight smoky taste. The risotto done right, giving you a nice bite to every mouth.

Buttery croissant filled with delish scrambled eggs and salmon. Can’t go wrong with it, in taste just gotta eat it fast, or else the croissant will be soggy from the heat of the scrambled eggs. Decently plated, and generous fillings. But for $17.20. I am not quite sure.

But you got to love the laidback, industrial and exposed lighting interiors. Really perfect for those Sundays where dogs barks and humans chatter.

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Thick udon, in creamy broth with a good kick of sake. The broth is so amazing that you just can’t stop slurping like the locals. No words needed, just the quick movement of the hand, bringing udon into the mouth and down into the throat.

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